Vrisaki Kebab House

73 Myddleton Road, London, N22 8LZ
Greek Restaurant
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23 reviews of Vrisaki Kebab House

Mario Ruffy

Went to Vrisaki's last Saturday and ordered Meze. I had lots of small dishes placed in front of me and some were placed on top of other plates that I hadn't touched. I complained to the waiter and all he said this is the Greek way if you don't like it eat in the pizza land innit! Not a very helpful comment. I won't be returning.


Ive been going to vrisaki's for 20 years and not much changes not even the waiters. Good guys Great food and Fantastic value. Long live vrisaki.


Went there with my football team- top banana. The staff were great and the food even better. Greek food is excellent!

Iad Seer

Insp Clinch took the Community Safety Team from Hackney Council to the restaurant for a great meal and we all agreed that we will return with our families. Thank you Insp Clinch and long live Vrisaki.

Inspector Jonathan Clinch

Went there with a whole team celebrating garagehands leaving do after 35 years service. 6 pcso's, two sproggs, plonks the lot. Marvelous evening. Set menu of calamari, white baits, beetroots, onions, kebabkins, fish sea bass, padtades, loukanikes, pitta saladas. We could not finish it all and once the wine kicked in the party started! We had 12 bottles of Othello Ghaffur at only £15.00 which was super!

Jonathan Clinch

I love this place and working nearby in Hackney. I often pop up where the lads look after me and give me a variety of starters before my main meal. You often see a famous face. I once saw Andrea Popadopoulou in there once before the smoking ban, smoking the biggest cigar I've ever seen in London. The pitta was extra.

Mario Ruffy

I ordered the meze and could only eat the starters as there was too much food. Next time I will pace myself. I took some of the meat away in a doggy bag and ate the following day with some oven chips that I cooked.

Bob Thedray

I agree with everything said about the Vrisaki. Great value,great service,great food.

Hugh Joel

I ate all the starters and couldn't eat anything else. It was marvelous. The only disappointing thing was I put a fish dish in my pocket to eat later and forgot about it for 1 week. I located a funny smell in my wardrobe.

Lea Tofield

I have been going to Vrisakis with friends and family since it opened as just a back street takeaway with 3 tables and I was expecting my son. On August 19th it will be his 21st and guess where we will be going to celebrate? Can't think of anywhere better.

Hanzade & Iain

Virsaki is Best Greek restaurant i have ever been to. People are very friendly and the food is fantastic. Make sure you dont eat anything before you go and dont forget to drink kio (triditional beer) Enyoy it!!!!!

Louise Taylor

This is the most fantastic greek restaurant I have ever been to and I have been to many. I used to live around the corner but I currently live in canada. But be in no doubt when I come home for a visit Vrisaki is top of my list!! The meze is to DIE for and the atmosphere in there is always great. After all these great reviews I don't need to say anymore but GO THERE! you won't regret it. .

John Antoniou

The dogs B....., this is by far the best greek cypriot restaurant we have been too. The Meze dishes just keep on coming and coming. Make sure you are very hungry before you go and one big tip...dont eat for at least a day and a half beforehand...

Alex Lalvani

If you're planning to go here, make sure you don't eat for at least 2 days before. The food keeps on coming and it's all good stuff. Just don't expect to eat desert here.

Dallas Luckcock

Vrisaki truly awesome the BEST anyware.

Kokor Ashdjian

The meze is absolutely fantastic.The food is so fresh. Best Greek restaurant I have been to in London. If you are going for the meze, don't eat for a week, and make sure you have a few extra holes in your belt, as you leave stuffed.

David Quin

I completely agree with all reviewers. Vrisaki is truly awesome. I defy anyone to leave hungry either - I don't think I have never eaten so much food in a restaurant, great value. Would recommend to anyone. We were told about it by a Greek, who thought it the best restaurant anywhere. He was right.

George Charelambous

Vrisaki Kebab house is the BEST!
Vrisaki does the best souvlakia and doner.


I agree its the best, nothing beats a £3 pound small sheftalia kebab when u r skint and stoned.

July 2002

Vrisaki is by far and away the finest Greek Cypriot restaurant/take-away the planet's ever seen... I've been around the world and have tried discovering an establishment that serves up such culinary delights but have yet to even come close to finding one... Vrisaki is simply awesome...Although it may not be situated in the most breathtaking of spots - this top class mediterranean treasure is something to behold...Out of this world... Along with the friendly service the food is simply exquisite...Everything is Charcoal grilled (not Chargrilled - there is a difference) and you leave the place licking the tips of your fingers and pondering when to book a table next...It's ideal for a night out with the other half or a huge get together with family and friends - it caters for your every - as Del Boy would say it's an "everyone's a winner" deal...Great food...Great company...Great night out... If you're a bit strapped for cash then the take-away option will definately suffice - I recommend a pork and sheftalia mix with a pot of Vrisaki's very own Taramosalata (wow!)... If you haven't visited London's premier Greek Cypriot restaurant then you are missing out big time - Go now!... Note: Look out for 'Yianni' who answers the phone in the takeaway section - Looks a bit like a Greek Richard Gere and cracks jokes in front of all the customers - worth the entrance fee itself - he sets the tone as soon as you walk in...


We have been eating at the Vrisaki for 16 years now and it continues to be my favourite restaurant, in spite of a 30 mile round trip to eat there. The meze is always brilliant, and I have never left the place feeling hungry - rarely if ever have any room for pud. Price is still really good,(except Keo beer is a bit pricey),and it's good, friendly service. I've just come back from a hol in Cyprus and the meze out there is inferior in quality and quantity compared to Vrisaki. Vrisaki just please don't ever change!!!!!


Wonderful! I took the "other half" out for a birthday meal. The Vrisaki had been recomended by a work colleague. Donning our glad rags we set off by cab from Walthamstow. On pulling up outside, the cabbie exclaimed "you're having a laugh ain't ya" as he drove off clutching his £10. My other half let me drag him in to this shady kebab house, and to my relief it opened up behind to the best restaurant we have ever visited. Service is second to none & the staff most welcoming. The Vrisaki will definately be my choice for "that special meal " in the future.


I can't honestly say that I've been to a lot of Greek Restaurants but without a doubt, this is the best one I've tried.

From the outside, Vrisaki appears to be just another kebab shop, with bright lighting and a donner-on-a-spit in the window. Once you step inside, however, you can see a narrow corridor which leads to a cosy and warmly lit restaurant.

Whenever I've been, it has been with a group of people, so we have usually ended up ordering Meze. This, in case you haven't had it, is basically a huge, delicious feast. Firstly, you are brought a multitude of traditional Greek starters - ranging from taramasalata to octopus - supplied with copious pitta bread.

Then, you are brought the fish courses which includes the ever popular fried squid.

Just when you think it's all over, they bring out the meat courses (my personal favourite). The exquisite kebabs are as good as any I've had in Greece.

The desert, while not included in the already-huge Meze, are the perfect end to such a blow-out. The choice includes fresh fruit and the traditional Baklava and Kadaifi.


Despite the out-of-the-way location and the glaring exterior, Vrisaki is always busy, so make sure you book in advance. I'm lucky enough to live close to the restaurant, so I often pop round to get a delicious Sheftalia or Shaslik kebab. If you don't have the time to sit in, I recommmend the takeaways just as highly.

Try it... but make sure you go when you're hungry!