New Mexico

9-12 Bells Walk, London Road, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, CM21 9JG
01279 721070
Mexican Restaurant
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6 reviews of New Mexico

Gamma Brand

Food was great, had a couple of saucy waiters aswell hehe. Beautiful town, with a beautiful mexican.


The food is great. Better than mexico itself... Highley reccomended.

Daisy Simon

Fan-bloody-tastic!!!!!!!!! What more can i say. It's like being in mexico.

John & Kate Green

We have been to this Tex-Mex many times from 2001 until recently. The food is really good, the staff are always warm and friendly, a good atmosphere, and all at a reasonable price.


A great selection of restaurants in this area. This tex-mex is one of the best. Fantastic quality food. Staff friendly and welcoming. Nice warm relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend.


We first went to the restaurant as we had been to Mexico and wanted to rekindle some of the holiday atmosphere. The food was wonderful (very authentic) and the staff were friendly and helpful without being overbearing. The restaurant is shut throughout January due to refurbishment but we would certainly recommend that people go there once it is open again (and will probably be queuing at the door ourselves to get in!).