Pizza Comodor

70 Godstone Road, Kenley, Surrey, CR8 5AA
Pizza Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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5 reviews of Pizza Comodor


Didnt like it. Service was not great at all, althou it was nice and cheap, so maybe I got what I paid for! Thanks!!

Robert Roy

Very good restaurant. We went on a Saturday night and there was a live musician, who was great. The food was fantastic and so was the service. I would seriously recommend them as the atmosphere is so friendly.


It was really amazing! Specialy chef of the kitchen was nice to us. His name is Ali. Also the boss is very kind. I really recommend it too!


It was amazing! The food was excellent. One of the best nights of my life. The drink also devine as well. Also to my surprise the prices werent expensive at all! You should really come here u will be surprised at how great it really is!


WOW! I have never had so much fun in a restaurant before. The food was great, the booze was flowing and the atmosphere was out of this world. Its a great place for a party. The Prices here was really inexpensive too.

I really recommend it!