Paneri Greek Tavern

340 High Road, London, N22 8JW
Greek Restaurant
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12 reviews of Paneri Greek Tavern

Sophia Georgeou

Brilliant Food, Better Prices, Amazing Atmosphere, Love The Food Was Really Good. Thank You For Allowing Me To Dine At Your Resteraunt. May God Bless You And Your Business.


I have been going to Paneri sine I was a little girl (over 25 years). It was a regular thing for us as a family to go and pick up a take away even though we lived miles away. We often sat in and ate as well and always found the service to be excellent, the food always fresh and delicious. We've never been disappointed, and now I take my kids there to eat and they both love it and often ask when we're going to go back. It beats other restaurants by far.

Natalie Robinson

Paneri is the best place to eat food. You enjoy it very much and you are never let down, infact Im on my way there now for my Sunday dinner yum yum.

Georgina Andreou

I been going to Paneri for almost 20 years I'm not sure what service other people have experienced but I have never in my years going there had any bad service or food its the best Greek restaurant Ive eaten in and up until now I havent had greek food taste as good as what they do. I would advice anyone to go there, Ive had my daughters 8th birthday there and shes turning 22 on the 6th December and guess where we going to eat? Yes the best ever Greek restaurant in town the Paneri!


Excellent fresh food, will take a lot of beating. Delicious.


Went for a recent Meze and was dissapointed with a number of dishes. Many were obvious cheap padding, intended to make the meal appear larger, when in fact the value for money was not.

Mor Wiztipski

I liked the food, my wife liked those prices.

Marcus Vassiliou

Excellent food, service is hit and miss as is the way with a great many Greek restaurants. I advise not eating a late lunch before enjoying one of their mezes as you'll need all the space you can get!

Quentin Casares

I am a regular at Paneri and I have friends who have come over from Ireland just to go there. Does that tell you how good it is?

Andrew Iona

Well, I'm very suprised at the previous review, I found Paneri to be an EXCELLENT restaurant. I went there with 3 other friends and we opted for the Greek Meze which at £16 per head was by far the best value for money food I've ever had in London in the 6 years I live here! We were almost full just with the starters! There was an amazing 16 starters on the table, then a cold fish platter, then Greek specialities and then fresh fish on the charcoal, prawns, cattlefish and calamari (squid) At this point we were already struggling and thought that was it, ready to ask for the bill. But wait... here they come again with Greek Salad, cous cous, potatoes and a huge platter with kebabs, sheftali and souvla (large huncks of lamb slow cooked on the charcoal! AMAZING! We simply could not believe it and even though we were as full as it gets the food was so tasty we could not resist... and all this for an amazing £85 for 4 people including wine for 2 and beer/soft drinks fior the other two... THIS IS SIMPLY THE BEST FOOD ANYWHERE IN LONDON. Highly Recommended but try to avoid Saturdays as it is very very busy. We have already booked our next food marathon on a weekday at the recommendation of the waiter (who by the way was excellent and polite all night and he was well worth his £10 tip). DONT MISS IT!

Andrew Mills

I used to come to this restaurant but the service has become apalling. On one occasion, I asked for a small dip to go with my large order, and all I got was a mouthful. The waiter was very illmannered and ignorant towards me for no apparent reason. His response was 'How many things can I do at once?' in an abrupt tone, whilst slamming his hand down fiercly on the counter and asked me to wait even though he had already started to serve me. If he is too busy to serve, then why is he a waiter? I found his attitude disgusting, needless to say, so was the food. I was very dissapointed and would not advise anyone to go there. I used to be a fan, but after the service, I would rather go elsewhere.

Devang Paneri

This is the best Greek restaurant that my family and I have ever been to, if u like authentic greek food then this restaurant is must!!! ..... I went to the Paneri Greek Tavern because my last name is Paneri.