Pauls Kebab Shop

83 Church Street, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 1TR
Kebab Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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3 reviews of Pauls Kebab Shop

Yo boy

Great food the best great chilli sauce is lovely!


I think that this is the best food i have ever eaten!!!!!!!!!! The food is always lovely and i can eat fresh food instead of the pre-cooked left warm food. I go there everyday for my children supper.

September 2002

Pauls is the perfect place to go for an apre-pub kebab. Plenty of meat, tons of onion and salad, and his chilli sauce is the best I've ever tasted. Just don't eat it if you're planning on a night of passion afterwards.
Normally you'll have to wait a while for your food, as they tend to cook most stuff to order, but I'd rather have that than stuff that's been cooked in advance and kept warm till needed.