Philpotts Mezzaluna

424 Finchley Road, London, NW2 2HY
Italian Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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8 reviews of Philpotts Mezzaluna

John Dower

Went to Mezzaluna with the wife I thought it would be romantic. Well it was but I could have taken her anwhere really as this place added nothing to the evening. Food OK, wine ok but expensive. Service slow for some customers other than the ones that had more than two people at a table. Generally we notice that only those people that took a table for six got served first whilst everyone else had to wait. Also looked that some of these people were friends of the waiters. Maybe that why we were forgotten. Anyway, not that we really cared about the noise and the anoying waitresses, however at the end of the meal we left still hungry and £120 lite. Honestly not wort the effort we foound the Italian place a few doors down the following week and that was fantastic so sorry Mezzaluna your not what we were looking for.

Victor Delmone

Sometimes we all do mad things like giving a place a try despite bad reviews, well heck Im like that, so I gave Mezzaluna in Golders Green a visit.To date I'm still thinking about if "the juice was worth the squeeze",Unfortunatly I would have to say NOT. I really cant understand why this resturant gets even one good review as the place is deviod of any understanding about how to treat its customers. I arrived for early dinner only to find that even though the place was half empty my partner and I were squeezed in between two other diners it was not very comfortable and by about 8.30pm the place was filled by what I can only decribe as a bunch of idiots trying to impress their girlfriends by hogging all the service. During this evryone else was ignored, which explained why nobody got the right order when it eventually arrived except the noisy lot that I mentioned earlier. The attention span of the waitress was below 1 second so that did not help maters, the wine did not arrive until we had almost finished our mail meal,and I thought that the service was genrally rubbish. On to the meal it was cold by the time it arrived and looked like someone had rested something flat on it, we sent it back but when it arrived it was the same plate only they moved the veg around a bit. We eat about 3 bites realising that this was going to be an all night affair and by that time the wine had arrived which was ok but really expensive, we ditched the desert as by this time it was getting late and reluctantly paid for the wine and a quarter of the food bill as we did not actually end up eating there, we ended up in a nearby chip shp and enjoyed it. By the way one thing gets me about this restruant Why do the owners call it Italian cooking its nothing like it. This place is badly run with rude incompetent staff a rbbish cheif and horrible food - avoid this place.

Walter Tent

One of the worst eating places I hav ever been to, hot, noisey, with unattentive staff. Food middle of the road English with some herbs chucked on top to make it sound foreign. Not very italian and wine was expensive and not good. A place to waste a couple of hours of your time just watching the paint dry. Dont waste your time here, if you want good italian food (modern or classic, go to an italian resturant at least they know how to cook an most places are happy to see you

Jon Zane

Having read mixed reviews on this resturant, I thought I would give it a try myself and see. Here is my verdict 1. Service Efficent (but far from friendly)got the feeling no one was welcome- maybe we picked a bad night. 2. The cusine was actually more modern english than Italian 3. We had a small entre of bread and olive oil (what was that all about!) I know of no self respecting italian that has this) I suspect it was to save on the butter. 4. We were given an espresso cup of what looked like green snot, and probabley tasted of it.. needless to say we did not bother with it, the main was sea bass which was cold by the time it arrived, again I suspect it was cooked from fresh but left somewhere and forgotten about, we sent this back only for it to be sent back again because by now it had been over cooked.- lost interest in it eventually as the same dish kept comming back, by this time it was the consistancy of a frisbee 5. The vegatables were by far the best thing on the menu, but not enough to feed us unfortunaly as everthing else was either taken back or left on the table, to which the waitress wasted no time at all taking away. 6. We ordered a bottle wine whilst all this was going on which cost over £28 -£30 which we later found out we could have brought from an off licence for £8.99. 7 Last but not least and this is the killer, througout all of this and lets not forget the noise element, and the heat , no one asked if we enjoyed our meal!!! What transpired was almost out of a sitcom, wed paid the bill but we starving so we ended up in a real Italian restaurant just 3 doors up from this place and had some real Italian food with a great atmosphere and the bill came to less than half of what it cost at Mezzaluna. Final verdict Stop calling this an Itaian restuarant! it is light years away from being this, and for Gods sake... shake up your staff, they must be more attentive otherwise how else do you gadge the service, and your chiefs, one last thing if you are going to insist on calling yourself an italian resturant SERVE SOME ITALIAN FOOD!

Tony Grant

Meal was pretty much OK as far as English food is concerned, not very impressed with the wine list, they were pretty expensive and not that good, service was again just ok, would have helped if the waiters / ess actualy brought what you ordered. To sum up Food good but not outstanding given the high prices for a local eating place, menu and style was very english / with a hint of french, so I dont understand why Mr Philpott seems to think that this is an italian style resturant? obviously hes never been there! Apart from that and the prices I had a good time - but then I was with my loveley wife - thank god!

Jaz Loman

I took my wife a 4 close friends to Mezzaluna last week, and had a mixed reacion.The points were as follows: How can you call this an Italian restraunt? if the chief is English and the cusine is actually French / English? this beats me. 2.Nothing exciting about the food at all, anyone can actually do the same at home as the meals looked like traditinal english favourites with some bells and whistles thrown on top to justify the expense.The service was good, but let down by the fact that no one actually asked if we enjoyed the meal, thinking about it I can bnow see why : Rocket Ceaser Salad was just a bunch of leaves with no seasoning and smelt oddly of fish, I think the cook may have been handling the fish at the time and forgot to wash his hands. The Rib eye was very tasty but quite small, the mash had no flavor at all! apart from it tasting like mash, and I did not bother with desert as by that time I was too fustrated to bother.In all an interesting place to visit once, as this will make you apprteciate real italian cooking and not some poncey name. This really a place for wealthy, novice food junkies as they are easy to please.My recomendation is to stick to Italian restraunts owned by Italians, who have cheifs and staff that are Italians - that way you may actually enjoy good food , good atmospheare at fair prices.One last point to be fair to Mezzaluna, this was the only resturant that I have ever been to that actually cooked my stake the way I wanted it first time round without any hassel ten out of ten for that, but I wont be back!

Gianni Ferro

I came, I saw, and I was very dissapointed, typically yet another British owned resturant , trying to pass itsself off as Italian, food was ordinary and unimaganative,(more french I would say than Italian and very small portions service was ok but slow, seating was very cramped and uncomfortable. Prices did not justify the experience. - A waste of space.

malcolm weller

An excellent, inventive Italian style restaurant with pleasant, helpful service and reasonable prices. There is an invariable free ministarter which changes, surprises and delights. The chef used to preside at the original (now defunct) Quinceys in its glory days. Recent (2003) Michelin grading. As a special frisson, the restaurant was given short shrift by a very tired Michael Winner in late 2002.