Pepitos Mexican Restaurant

127 London Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 2QN
01332 360663
Mexican Restaurant
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15 reviews of Pepitos Mexican Restaurant


Me and my work mates went to Pepitos and we were really impressed - the food was brilliant, the service was good and we had an excellent evening - we would all go again - thanks Pepitos.

Mrs L Booth Davis

This is one of my favourite resturants however my visit this evening was very disappointing. We waited far to long for our meal which was burnt on arrival. I ask myself have they over stretched themselves with opening the new business in Derby city centre, I hope not lets hope things get back to normal.


After visiting Pepitos I really wish I had not bothered. How do I start? The staff are miserable and give the impression they dont want to be there, the food is well below average and to call it Mexican I find an insult as its a very poor example of Mexican food. After eating Mexican on the other side of the Atlantic may be I am being a little hard but I suggest that the staff take a trip to a real Mexican Restaurant to see how it should be done. The only good thing I can say about my visit was the surroundings which gave me the impression the meal might be as good, but I am sorry I would have been better off drinking Sol eating Dorito chips at home.vOne last thing dont go if you're hungry the portions are tiny. Its a nice idea a Mexican in Derby sadly it doesn't work.


Food is excellent, very lively atmosphere, a great place to eat and drink. Well worth a visit

Marcus Charlesworth

This was a very good restaurant. The rump stake and chips was perfectly cooked and a good size. A good atmosphere and good service. one of the best restaurants ive been to.


Great food...try the deli, be sure to tip :)


Absolutly scrumptious! Great big portions great value for money. Best Mexican Restaurant ive been to. Been there several times now.


i thought this resturant had ecellent service, food and atmophere. the taste of the food is mouth drooling, and i would recomend anyone to go there.


Lovely food and surroundings. Very smokey atmosphere. No separate smoking and non-smoking. Would not stop me going again though!


Very good quality food. Reasonable price. Book early, it fills up by late evening.


I have eaten at this resturant twice and the food is absolutly lovely you get massive portions and its not too pricey, although the service is very very slow, but I would still go back there, you just have to try and catch the waiters attention all the time, that is the only fault with the place.

Tim Kool

It was much tasty.

dale archer

One word sums up the whole place, athmosphere and food and that is "HEAVEN"


Excellent restaurant. Food and atmosphere fantastic. My favourite place to eat.


This restaurant has a lovely romantic atmosphere. The food is absolutely gorgeous and great value for money. The service is good. One of the best restaurants I've ever been to and so I keep going back for more!