Grabameal Cookies and Privacy Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that web pages can store on your computer to hold information to uniquely identify your computer to websites. For example they can be used to hold details of the items in your shopping basket for an online store or to save your login details, so you don't have to log in everytime you return to a site.

Why are we telling you all this about cookies?

On the 26th May 2011 a new law came into force in the EU regarding EU websites. We have a legal obligation to inform any users accessing our website about any cookies we store on your computer and the purpose of them. There is more about this new law at the following page: Cookie Law at

Usage of Cookies on this website.

Grabameal does not place any of our own cookies on your computer. The design of our website is engineered to give a fast webpage load time and to help facilitate this, our website does not require any cookies to function while a user is on our webpages.

Third party Cookies on this website.

We do display Google ads on some of Grabameal's pages. These ads use cookies and there is a page provided where you can install a plugin to opt out of the use of these, should you so wish ( Ads Preferences Manager ). Grabameal does feature a small number of banner adverts from 3rd party companies which could place a cookie on your computer. Unfortunately since we have no control over these ads' cookies we are unable to state what cookies might be used and what they are used for, but Grabameal has no access to read or write these cookies. Normally these are transient session cookies which will disappear when you close your browser and are commonly used for tracking how many times an ad has been displayed. We also feature links to other websites which go via 3rd party companies which then track any purchases you might make on these other websites. These 3rd party companies keep track of customers clicking through from one website to another and they usually do this by means of placing a cookie on your computer.

What are your choices regarding how cookies are used on your computer?

You have a couple of options when it comes to cookies. Firstly you can change the settings on your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) to prevent websites from storing cookies, or certain types of cookies on your computer. There is information on this webage How to control cookies at with details, for each of the individual browsers, on how to change your settings to stop cookies. You should be aware though that, preventing cookies from being stored, may mean that certain websites will no longer work the way you expect them to! Secondly, you always have the option to periodically delete the cookies currently stored on your computer. Information on how to do this for all the major browers is contained here: How to delete cookies at

How Grabameal deals with any personal information you might give us.

We Promise to meet the internationally recognised standards of personal privacy protection such as complying with the requirements of our Data Protection Law in our country of residence, which is the UK.

This web site does not capture personal information without your consent, but may log the user's IP Address, browser and operating system which is automatically recorded by the Web Server.

We collect the e-mail addresses and potentialy names of those who communicate with us via e-mail. This information is held for internal use only and then discarded.

If a user submits a restaurant review containing their name and email address, their name will be displayed on the web site alongside their review. The email address will be held for internal use only and then discarded.

This Privacy Policy Statement only relates to this site and does not extend to any linked external internet sites as these sites should have their own relevant Privacy Policy Statements included.