Rajput Indian Take Away

4 Commonside, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 1GA
0114 2670821
Indian Takeaway
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18 reviews of Rajput Indian Take Away

James Murphy

I have been a satisfied customer of the takeaway for many years so far I have never had anything to complain about. This resturant has recently purchased premises next door and has now got a seated resturant for eating in. Same great taste but more comfort.

Michelle & Kevin

Absolutely fabulous curries and excellent staff and service!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck for the restaurant x.


The best Indian food bar none, I class all the staff as great friends serving fantastic food, my family has been customers for many years and will remain customers for many years to come. Without doubt the finest cuisine anywhere!!!!

Bill Sweetman

The Rajput is brilliant family business with brilliant chefs that serve brilliant food. Since the redoing of the waiting room, it has become even better! Give it a try.

Steven "Rajput" Renshaw

I can only reiterate what has already been said. I have maybe had slightly nicer curries from restaurants but never from a takeaway. If they delivered I would never have reason to leave the house!

Lydia Harrison

Yum yum, the Chicken korma is delish.

Mike and Kim

I lurrve the onion bhajji's, beautiful! The Chicken madras is the best I have EVER tasted! Kim likes the korma!.... lightweight!


Best place IN SHEFFIELD I've found. But I think that says a bit about the lack of truly great curry take outs here.


Rajput is great I go there as often as I can and we always make sure when our family is up from London we order an indian from rajput to show off how gorgeous the Chicken korma is.


I no longer live in Sheffield, but whenever I visit I buy about 8 aloo gobis to freeze and take back to Camridge. Now that may sound sad, but if you try their food you'll understand. No point eating anything else. Ever.


Yep the best Indian Takeaway i have ever had, the onion bhajees are to die for. Nothing comes close to Rajput and the food is very cheap for such high quality. love it.


Superb food...the vegetable kahari and saag paneer are my absolute favourites...

Chris and Ellen

This is our favourite Indian in Sheffield and we have tried many! Great food and service try the Chicken tikka jalfrezi mmmm.

le poo

Sumptuous, succulent Chicken. Red meat off the bone. Tickled from the ocean prawns. Raj oozes class from every one of it's creamy, rich sauces. Not just the best Indian ever, but the best food ever... kill for a curry.


Flat out the best Indian curryhouse ever. Except no substitutes. The Chicken Korma would be my death row dish.

No really.


I moved away, but I come back. The only hangover cure in the world. The greatest curry of all time. I have a shrine in my bedroom dedicated to 'Raj' at which I worship. I would kill my mother for their curry.


Absolutely the BEST Indian Take Away I've ever found. I get withdrawal symptoms when I leave Sheffield... Fantastic food.


You have got to try. Wonderful restaurant standards. I travel by car 30 minutes to pick up and it is worth it every time.