Raja Kashmir Authentic Cuisine

8 Wild Ridings Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 7SJ
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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1 review of Raja Kashmir Authentic Cuisine


17:49:50 *ring restaurant* 17:50 Ordered chicken jalfrezi and pilau rice. Inidian man who took order took a long time to understand my queries. When I questioned how fresh the pilau rice was, he returned with the answer 'whats your order sir?'. Very polite though. Reported that food would be 30-40 minutes for delivery. 18:00:55 *ring restaurant* 18:01 Im feeling thirsty. Phoned back restaurant and ordered lemonade. He reported that i should have 11 numbers in the mobile number i gave to him. I told him there was ten and he insisted on 3 consequetive requests that their should be 11. Explained to him that I recieved my mobile package about 3 years back when mobiles came with 10 numbers. 18:06 He reported that there was 30 minutes remaining for my long awaited supper. 18:22 Arrived. Well mannered delivery driver. Handed him notes and he didn't expect a tip. Total Time: 26 minutes.

Quantity of rice: full. Quantity of Jalfrezi: full. about 8 chicken pieces. too many onions though, not enough sauce. no lemon piece to squeeze and add zest to the curry ( also good for wiping fingers clean of curry/odour of curry) quality of rice: perfect. quality of Jalfrezi: bland sauce.. not enough spice (not chilli) for taste. Freshness of rice: fresh as the himalayes sings. Freshness of jalfrezi: chicken fresh as it crows. sauce may have been prepped in large quantity and used universally amongst other dishes.temprature of rice: piping hot. Temprature of jalfrezi: piping hot. Description of rice: full grain, no breaks. well spiced. not enough colours though.. green and yellow too slight.description of jalfezi: looks delicious. generous portion of peppers. too many chilli which weren't hot. generaly these are not eaten. better to substitue 1 hot chilli and compliment an extra chicken piece. taste of rice: tasted better than pilau rice. taste of jalfrezi: sauce is a let down. more salt and possibly masala delivered in a: plastic bag / paper bag (safer than those sharp card boxes) Extras: nothing. no salad. no serviettes. desserts: orded an coconut icecream in the coconut shell. beautiful. By the time I'd finish my meal the dessert was still frozen in its bag with a touch of ice on it. perfect! 18:57 - finished everything apart from the bottle of lemonade ( not chilled / no expiry date on (but appears to be new)).

Overall Quality: rice: 99% jalfrezi: 55% Delivery: 100%