Soho Chinese Buffet

156 Northgate, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 1QU
01325 486896
Chinese Restaurant
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27 reviews of Soho Chinese Buffet

Colin and Angela

I use this restraunt at least once a week for a take away. The staff are very helpful the food has and is always excellent and plentyful. The staff are even learning me how to speak chineese during my visits which is humerous and enjoyable. Top Class.


I had my first meal here on the 02 October, and it was great. Great food, great prices. Three of us went (all over 18), had two plates of food each, 4 WKDs and a Foster's - it all only come to about £30! The great thing is we could have had more food and paid the same price, but our stomachs couldn't handle a sample of everything on offer, unfortunetley. Fantastic value for money and extremely helpful staff. Would recommend to anyone!


We had a meal here on 31/07/09, staff were very friendly and efficient, food was exceptionally good,and there was plenty of choice,and very good value for money, nice and clean too. Recomended!


Fantastic little gem of a find, living in Newcastle I'm well used to my fair share of chinese buffet restaurants, however this one exceeded all my expectations, exceptionally clean and well stocked bowls, they appear to concentrate on quality above quantity, having small amounts refreshed more often. I'd certainly go back again, possibly even taking a journey specifically for the restaurant, also nice to see a chinese restaurant not filling up every meal with peppers! Fantastic choice on all the meals. Excellent price too £32.00 for 2 adults and 2 kids including one drink each (lge for the adults and sml for kids!) and the staff were second to none removing used plates without being in the way (as I have known some places to be!) My only downside would be too much to try, all my favs and not enough space in the tummy to have them all 10/10.

Kellie Atkinson

Me and my partner went to soho on the 1/1/09 it was lovely would recomend it one of the best round here and value for money.

Jessica Garvey

The food is exellent the service is great. My faviourite food is the chickin strips in bread crumbs. The waiters are so very kind and the place is spotless (clean).


Everything is brilliant, friendly staff and fabulous food. Highly recommended!!!

Leanne & Sarah

Go there all the time. Food is great, really good value for money. Staff are really friendly and welcoming, all my friends and family eat there too. Really nice place to eat in!Recomend it to anyone.

Polly Wilkinson

Fantastic value for money, friendly staff. I recomend this to everyone.


Its great. I was there today and everytime I go in my mouth waters. Cant wait to go back. All you can eat and very cheap. Mint before you go out somewhere. mmmmmmmmmm


Food is brill cant wait to go bak ... was really worth the money ... friendly and helpful staff also ...x


The staff were very rude and did not do there best to help with the ordering. Also i saw the kitchen area and it was not up to high standards.

Darren & Sally

Fantastic Food. Very Warm & Friendly Staff. We eat their every week. Excelent Value. I promise you, you will go back!


Well Aye. Food is the 1.


Absouloutly fab and its is gr8 couldnt fault it!

Carla n Rach

Nice meals enjoy them on an empty stomach.


Food is great and the staff are very friendly. I really enjoy eating out here as its perfect for all occasions and has a wonderful atmosphere.. i deffinatly recommend going.


Ive been to soho plenty of times and still now it is the place i prefer to go than any others. Its great for parties, romantic meals or family meals. its cheap and gorgeous, recommended defo!


Fantastic is the only word to describe it, and very good value too. Went in at Midday when it was empty, just 20 minutes later they were queueing outside the door! It's about time Darlington had something like this.


A brilliant restaurant! The food is gorgeous and the staff are friendly. Best part has to be the chicken, egg and sweetcorn soup for starters! mmmmm! I would reccomend Soho to anybody!


Food is great the people are great. After our meal we went into the bar for a few drinks, then afterwards head upstairs to the ball room for a monthly soulful house event. I hope to see this event a regular thing. Fantastic night.


I have been here a couple of times with my hubby and 2 kids, it is great, the staff are lovely, the food is great, especially as the kids get whatever they want, it even has a dessert bar. I used to be a manager of various restaurants in London and I have to say I am impressed.

I have now been to the Soho Buffet twice and it is fabulous! Excellent value for money!!! The food is lovely - especially the crispy duck!!! Would recommend this lovely all you can eat restaurant!

The Girls Party

Last weekend (saturday) we arranged to go and have a meal for my friends 18th birthday the staff were great but the food were even better and at the end of our meal to top the great night off they gave us a free bottle of bubbly :-) We couldnt off picked a better place to go it was very cheap aswell we had a least one main meal (you could get more than one if liked) and then some desert which only cost £7.90 we were very pleased and will go again :-)


Both me and my family enjoy eating out her, the food is extremely tasteful and the staff are great and the surroundings is very peaceful, a nice place to eat out :)

Mark Kent

Usual Chinese buffet fodder kept dubiously warm under heat lamps for questionable periods of time. Not one of the best Chinese buffets I've visited and nothing to write home about.

Brendan Bermingham

This restaurant has closed down, I am not sure why. It is now the Soho Chinese buffet. A very large bar area, an enormous conservatory, an outside terrace. The staff and the food are great. £8.00 per head during the evening hides the quality of the food. They are selling themselves short in my opinion. Once again the food is great especially the salt and pepper squid which is to die for. Reservations are needed and advisable.