Spice Court Restaurant

56-58 Balmoral Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4PG
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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11 reviews of Spice Court Restaurant

Angela pont

Have been eating here for years. Tried other places but only once as the best food is here. Staff always helpful and curries are amazing. Highly recomended.

Michelle and Steve

After many years of eating Indian food this is by far the best Indian I have EVER been to, the food was superb, generous portions, The staff are very friendly (not smarmy) and the service is top class!! (I personally recommend the Thursday meal deal). This restaurant deserves to win an award!!!!

Louise Bishop

This is a WICKED place. I had THE best indian ever. It has the friendliest service and I would always come back for more!!!! Well done Spice Court!!!!


I was going to spice court when it was the mango tree. It was amazing then and is amazing now. I moved up to Nottingham in August 05. And me and my bloke miss it terribly. The buffets are extremely generous and well priced too. Its a cut above the rest. I'd recommend it to anyone. I just wish they'd open one in Nottingham.

Simon Lockhurst

This restaurant has one of the best buffet selections for miles. The food is superb and a very big bar area to enjoy a cocktail before sitting down.

Ian and John

I really enjoy there well prepared food as either a take away or even when dining there with the nice clean well appointed dining area with staff that care for the patrons. Also the set price buffet was superb when i had my birthday there. Will return even though i make a lot of my own currys as theres is as good as my own.


It is far better than any of the other Indian Restaurents in Gillingham. The food tastes really fresh, it is very clean and it has a nice friendly atmosphere.

Robert Brayshay

Excellent all-round. Food quality and pricing, service with a smile, you name it. Staff are courteous and helpful yet unintrusive, and the separation of smokers from non-smokers is a wonderful idea! Disabled access is great, meaning I could take my wheelchair-bound finacee for a meal too. Trendy and lively decor make it a very welcoming place, especially after a hard day! Lovely place, would recommend it to anyone.


This restaurant is lovely. it has lovely food which is extremely delicious and cheap. the staff are very friendly and cute.


Absolutely superb place. Excellent food at reasonable prices. Friendly staff who will give guidance when required, so you need never feel intimidated if you're not an expert on Indian Cuisine or you want to try something other than vindaloo or chicken tikka masala (both of which they offer).

You are advised to book a table in advance especially at the weekend. It opens at 6pm so really handy if you've just come off the train from work, as it's opposite the railway station.


Gillingham never had it better. This restaurant is far above the local Indian restaurant. This stunner outclasses the area. Food is of high class and the price is unbelievably cheap. I think they spend a lot of money on this place and should really increase their menu price but then again they have matched the pricing locally. An excellent all rounder.