Food Angels

4-6b Joyce Dawson Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 8RA
020 8312 4188
Chinese Takeaway
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6 reviews of Food Angels


The food at this chinese shop is always lovely. I always buy my chinese there and would reccomend it to anyone who loves chinese food like myself.


I went there the other day on a sunday and there food was marvelous I can't wait ti go there again. The king prawn rice is amazing, but it was a shame that they did not have crab claws but oh well all the other food was fantastic.

Itayi Garande

A brilliant place. Would recommend it to anyone who loves Chinese food. The staff is very professional and courteous. They are very polite and the food is fantastic.

Brian Kemp

I went to this place the other day and had a great meal. The food was great and served very quickly. What I'd really like to know though is where did they get that excellent colourful painting on the left-hand wall as you walk through the door? I loved the colours of the skyscrapers and the moon hidden in the clouds. If anyone knows, would they please e-mail me (if you wish to contact Brian about the painting please email us at Grabameal and we will pass the email along).


I recommend the noodle bar as it is a no nonsence grab some grub sort of place. Well worth a visit after a few pints in the cutty sark down the road.


Probably the best chinese takeaway i've ever had. also try the noodle bar next door which is run by the same people, the food is fantastic and good value.