Star of India

875 High Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 1HR
Indian Restaurant
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16 reviews of Star of India

Leighanne Smith

Have been going to the Star of India for at least 6 years. LOVE the food!! Interior needs a bit of a brush up but my 9 year old son loves the goldfish outside!!!


The food is good enough but hardly anything to rave about. I don't understand why this restaurant has such a great reputation--to my mind, definitely over-rated and my curry was certainly over-spiced. Certainly it is fairly good but nothing that special. The atmosphere is ok and the service was acceptable without being that attentive. The prices are very reasonable and the wine wasn't bad. We felt a bit rushed as the waiters obviously wanted to head home. I'd give it all a 6 out of 10 and am not in any great hurry to go back.

Steve Knowles

Have had many good evenings here. Food is very good as is the service and the staff are friendly and very helpful, be it coping with very large numbers or birthdays. Shah is humerous and helpful. A regular venue.

Busta BlodKlaart

Unbeatable in the area at any price.In fact I'm now going to get a take away....!

J Paul

The resturant is great and the food but i have to say the amount of smoke from old people chain smoking was so bad that it ruined my whole clothes stunk my eyes burnt and felt like i was eating a dirty cigarette.

Peter Connell

I think the indian food served in 'star of india' is very over rated. After my third takeaway, I can honestly say that all 3 were bad. The chefs- I think have try to move away from the traditional indian curry taste... the vindaloo was bland... too home made,very dry chicken and hardly any sauce,not hot ( i ordered extra hot), it was still like a madras.. plus they charged an extra £1.50 for the request! Bombay potatoes swimming in oil, no taste... rice very bland... Compared to Purbani in Wanstead this venue has alot to learn.. Purbani gets my thumbs up every time... Star of India is living on an old reputation.. and a cuisine that thinks its far too clever. Then again my girlfriend likes 'the star' so who am I to argue....

Dr Leonard Nimroy

They are so fantastic,they should compete for the Guiness Book of Records to further their credentials.

Alex Giles

The Star of India is sadly victim of its own success. After winning a local award the place is now full and on the last 3 Saturday nights when ate there (sept to Nov 05) we had to wait 1hr 1/2 for our food. The food IS lovely and well priced but they need to invest in more chefs to cope with the demand.


Me and my husband have been going to star of india for about 12 years, we moved out to essex and always go back to the star of india, as we have never found another indian restaurant as lovely as this one.

K Smeaton

Great food, massive portions, friendly staff. Sadly I was overcharged by £10 as part of their Sunday 40% off deal. It was pointed out then deducted though without fuss

Kate Simpson

Great restaurant - amazing food and efficient staff that still have a sense of humour. Always good value & a good experience.

Brian Hopson

This is simply the best indian restaurant for miles. Indeed, it's better than any Indian restauarant I've eaten in when in India! Shah, the owner, and Heron, the head waiter are helpful, considerate and fun. A good restaurant for vegetarians, too. Very highly recommended.

Chris Parratt

I have been eating at the star of India for a good ten years and can tell you it's by far the best curry house for miles, well recommended.

Paul Willmott

This used to be my favourite Indian restaurant good food and a great ambience - Unfortunately I will no longer go there due to some obvious over charging from over zealous staff.

Sharon Hayes

It is my regular Indian. I have been eating their for over ten years. There are others but this one is the one for me. Great food, great service and great decorations.


Good clean restaurant throught out. Attentive service great food, cosy atmosphere. It is my favourite. Their International Indian chef also cooks other dishes that are not on the menu. I definatley recommend it!