Silk Road Restaurant

8-10 Arcade Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5AP
01903 722055
Licensed Turkish Restaurant
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9 reviews of Silk Road Restaurant

Terri Finch

By chance we stumbled upon Silk Road last night and what a pleasant surprise. We eat out a great deal and this restaurant was by far the best we have ever eaten in. We were made so welcome by all the team there and Teresa the owner was most charming and even joined us for a cigarette in the smoking area, we were not made to feel like leppers! The food was excellant and rock and roll band brilliant. We had a wonderful evening and all quite by chance. Will return in the very near future. Highly reccommend.

John Collins

It's all been said in the previous reviews - a real oasis in Littlehampton. Laid-back atmosphere, fab food and fantastic guest artists.Teresa,Steph and the team are great, give it a try!

Gillian & Keith Burkin

We will all, at some time, experience encounters with something (or someone) so defying of our expectations that we are at a loss to know how to judge it (them). Such was our first encounter with the Silk Road some 4 years ago. Located somewhere between Topkapi and Middle Earth the decor has an air of timelessness and exoticism, which has the effect of lifting the spirits as if passing through the door off the street immediately teleports one to a land of eternal summer.

As often happens with those somewhat uneasy first encounters, persistence is rewarded, as one begins to understand that this is no ordinary restaurant. If Teresa, the owner, has based the Silk Road on a model seen elsewhere, we would love to see it. What makes the Silk Road unique is that it has been so heavily invested with the personalities of Teresa and her team. No corporate, commercially inspired, fake bonhomie here. What you get on arrival is a genuinely warm, friendly greeting, not complacent indifference nor o.t.t. effusive glad-handing, so frequently encountered elsewhere.

The menu, which has much to offer vegetarians (especially in the starter department) is authentically Turkish, with broader Mediterranean influences, makes good and varied use of a core range of ingredients, chicken and lamb, for instance, both appear in several guises, thus ensuring, at the same time, both choice and freshness. Adem, the chef, is highly skilled and passionate about his craft; indeed, one should say 'art' as he displays a degree of creativity seldom seen outside of more expensive and 'fashionable' establishments.

The wine list, like the menu, has evolved over the years, and is well chosen to match the food. Value has been assured by looking outside Europe for good alternatives to 'traditional' choices. The Temprallo grape is well represented (at the time of writing), being offered in three incarnations; as a 'varietal', and as a 'standard' and a 'deluxe' Rioja. House red is excellent value and a good 'slurper'. House white demonstrates the difficulty of sourcing an 'all things to all men' house white to match its crimson counterpart in quality and price. This is one area where there is, perhaps, more work to be done. If tasters are required, our services are freely available; it is a lousy job, I know, but We were delighted to see the addition, recently, of the Brown Brothers' Orange Muscat desert wine, available in halves. Turkish deserts tend to be fairly sweet and sticky so a glass or two of this 'amber nectar' is just what the doctor would order, if he had any taste.

The Silk Road is justly renown for its atmosphere and entertainment. Richard, the regular DJ is so right for the place, adding his effervescent personality to many a party night. Along with DJs, belly dancers, and magicians, you can enjoy a wide range of 'grown-up' music, whether your preference is Jazz, Blues, Brazilian/Latin, Folk, or nostalgia, there is likely to be something to please you in the course of a typical month. Our personal favourite is the last Wednesday in each month, when experienced belly dancer 'Shiraz' kicks off the evening with a dance class for the ladies, after which DJ Ali Khatt mans the decks for an evening of World music. This unique session is not like any other you will have heard before, more like a specialist radio show than a 'disco'. Khatt plays mostly contemporary music from around the world (this is not ethno-anthropo-musicology, but the most interesting and atmospheric 'background' music you will ever hear in a restaurant. As one fellow diner commented, "It's like being on holiday in some distant and exotic land".

As so often happens when we initially have reservations about idiosyncrasies observed at first meeting, we have fallen in love with the place, not in spite of its quirkiness, but because of it. Try it some time, and be seduced.

Steve and Lena Hill

What a little gem The Silk Road is. Deep in West Sussex, it is an amazing restaurant full of character and atmosphere with an authentic decor. The menu and food is absolutely excellent, the mixed starters on entertainment eveings devine.Teresa the owner will make you feel very welcome usually greeting you like a long lost friend and the rest of the staff are all extremely friendly.

We have only been on nights with entertainment all of which have been excellent and very lively. All our friends who we have taken have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Highly recommended*****

Richard Goodyer

I run the disco nights at the restaurant and have done so for nearly three years. All the staff are very helpful and friendly as are all the acts Teresa books for the restaurant. It is a great atmosphere and well worth a visit. Long may it continue.

Sheila and Robert Symmons-Law

We have both just recently moved to littlehampton and luckily fell upon the Silk road restaurant. What a find we have been back quite a few times well about once a week since our first visit. We are slowly working our way through the sumptuous menu the only difficulty is trying something new as the previous meal seems like the best until of course you order!!!!!! We have never been disappointed and are very sure we never will be. Our latest discovery is desert cocktails what a revalation!!!!!!!!!!!! The nicest way to finish a meal we have have ever experienced.

Its cosy special atmosphere is a whole new experience the owner Teresa and her very friendly helpers especially Steph (the cocktail designer) the fabulous chef and all the friendly faces various turkish friends who nonchalantly pop by make for a lovely relaxing evening.

However we have not yet tried the speciality celebration evening which we are sure will be wildly entertaining. Good Luck girls we love you . Go GIRL XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Elizabeth Adams

This restaurant is a little gem hidden in the centre of Littlehampton. The entertainment is fantastic and the mixed starters superb. Very good value for money and friendly atmosphere and exotic decor.

Highly recommended.

Stephanie Clark

The Silk Road Restaurant is a fabulous restaurant. I have been there many times over the 2 years they have been opened. The atmosphere, food, hospitality, are wonderful and you really feel as though your are treating yourself whenever you visit. As well as a regular restaurant they also have great entertainment nights on weekly and monthly bookings. Every Saturday there is a female belly dancer. They have a monthly gorgeous male Egyptian belly dancer. Included in their special nights are Brazilian Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, disco nights and many more. It is well worth getting yourself on their mailing list to find out what is on. There is a fabulous Sultan's palace room where you can have a pre dinner drink, it is so romantic and spell binding. It regular take my friends and relatives from London whenever they visit me. In fact over the last 2 years I seem to have had an awful lot of visitors!

Mark Phillips

If you are looking for a little bit of old Persia right here in Sussex then here it is!
An amazing restaurant full of character with authentic antiques, artifacts and decor. The menu is "To die for" (Especially the tender Chicken/Lamb Guvech), and is extensive and prices are very resonable. You will certainly experience the hospitality of the owner (Teresa) and if you are very lucky, the London chef she managed to bribe to bring his skills to her establishment. As far as I know, this is the only authentic Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant this side of Brighton that also offers live entertainment. I have recently seen live Jazz/Blues, Brazilian Jazz, belly dancing, traditional live Turkish music and regular DJ. Eating at this restaurant is not just going out for a meal, it is a whole experience!
*****5 stars!