Sea Spray Restaurant

8 Victoria Parade, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 2BB
Seafood Restaurant
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9 reviews of Sea Spray Restaurant

Peter Merricks

UPDATE (14/4/09): I was contact by the owner's son, and requested to go back to the restaurant to receive a full refund of the cost of my meal. I thought that this was extremely generous, and really wish them well. His mother is very charming, and I feel a bit of regret having had to write the below, but even if one ignores the fish and the sauce, then attention should be made to the vegetables. There definitely needs to be more reviews to make this a balanced viewpoint.

Peter Merricks

I am pasting in the e-mail that I sent to the restaurant owners. I must stress that they were very apologetic, and as you can see, made a very generous offer. However, I declined after discussing things with my wife. Clearly, either others really enjoy the food, or say nothing and don't return. I went on the basis of the review on this site, clearly one has to make one's own judgement against the two reviews.

First I must say thank you for your kind offer of a free meal. However, my wife and I have discussed the situation, and it is felt by both that it smacks of taking advantage. This was certainly not my purpose, and I felt that you had dealt with the situation at the time by removing two items off the bill. I know that I said what needed to be said at the time, but I think it is important to iterate the observations. 1. What may have contributed to a lack of setting our expectation in the waiting time was that you may not have been adequately staffed. It was impossible for you to remedy that expectation if you were running around like headless chickens.2. At the point I asked how long for the food, my wife was prepared for me to pay for the drinks and leave. As you observed, and mention subsequently, to have informed us of the situation, and offered some bread and another drink for the children would have helped. It is very difficult to keep young children amused for that length of time.3. My John Dory was overcooked, and smothered by the sauce. The potatoes may have been pan fried, but their colour indicated that they had been boiled some time earlier, if not days earlier. My suspicion is that they are cooked in advance and then kept in a fridge, this would account for the discolouration.4. A general point has to be made about the vegetables, most of which were sent back. Again they had been cooked earlier and then reheated in a microwave. If you care to look at the carrots, they are overcooked and very dry, almost shrivelled. The carrots were cut so thin that it would be impossible to achieve al dente. I know of few people who enjoy cooked red cabbage, it may be worth seeing how much of it is actually eaten, and, at a guess, I doubt its freshness. It might be worth going for something green: mange tout, or French beans, for example.5. My son's Pollock was definitely over cooked, and the potatoes were similarly cooked earlier and heated in a microwave. My son loves fish, and when asked if we returned to your restaurant what he would choose to eat, he replied a burger. He ate what was on his plate because he was so hungry, and complained of this whilst we waited.6. Although my daughter said she liked her burger; I observed that it was completely dry inside with no sign of any lettuce or even a slice of tomato. I accept that this was not listed, but it did state that it would be a buttered bap; I don't believe this was the case. On more positive notes my wife enjoyed her plaice, we both enjoyed the wine and the chips tasted nice too. Your restaurant is in a fantastic location, and considering the number of places to eat in Torquay, this was a definite disappointment after reading previous good reviews. When I have completed my review, I will send you the link, and give you credit for trying to deal with what happened. I wish you every success, and hope that the above helps, and is taken in the constructive way that it is given.

Alexandra Lowe

Superb. A real gem. Smoked haddock (the best I've ever tasted) served with mashed patato topped with a poached egg - fantastic.

Matt Moten

Found this place a few years ago and been many times. It is friendly and welcoming. Staff are polite and helpful, decor is good and place is very clean. We have the steak, haddock and child's burger. All were lovely and everone was full afterwards. Price is mid range but well worth it for quality of food and ingredients. I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant to anyone. 10/10

Dave Cripps

Great place. Steak and kidney pie to die for. Homemade profittorolls to kill for.

Mr Randles

Great Find. Well Worth a visit.

Mrs Sims

A real treat, the food is wondeful and the waitresses always welcome you with a smile. A very friendly atmosphere along with the best Cream Tea's and Fish in the bay. Well worth a visit.

Mark Welsh

A beautiful location overlooking the newly developed harbour. The restaurant welcomes families and couples alike with an array of fine cooked, home made meals that cater for all tastes. From a fun childrens menu to fresh seafood and succulent pies this is a superb find amongst the normal cafe and restaurants. A full recommendation to all who visit this excellent restaurant and its friendly, family team.

Andrew Cookney

The food isn't bad. The portions served are very generous. Although, the waitresses aren't the friendliest around!