Movenpick Marche Restaurant

Portland Ho, Bressenden Pl, Victoria, London, SW1E 5BH
Mixed Restaurant
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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7 reviews of Movenpick Marche Restaurant


Well, I am disappointed to hear the news. The former Leicester Square location was a favourite haunt of mine . I can't recall when it was closed though...many a time have I had a meal there and chated away with my friends for the whole last visit to Movenpick was in 1993, I believe. One seminal moment was when I was first introduced to mozarella at this restaurant. Here's to a great restaurant and great memories!


I had good moments at Marche restaurant. I worked there while in London, in 1995. It was a nice and kind place to stay, not only as a customer, also as a worker, as everyone there was very kind and sociable. Its a pity no longer exists as I remember it very hearthy.

David Escudero

I found out just today that Marche restaurant at Victoria does not longer exists. I worked there for two long periods of time. When I first arrived to London, back in 96, Marche was my first job, and there I found friends that I will always remember as my first family in London.

Just wanted to share my feelings of sorrow with all those that at one point worked there, and maybe keep the same kind of memories I do.

God bless you all, since you'll forever live in my heart.


I thought this place was great and I always meant to go again (but trekking to Vic Street was never very convenient). I am very disappointed that it no longer exists. I loved the idea that you go to a single place where they serve such a different combination of food. It was also ideal for a group of friends with mixed dietary requirements. I have never come a place like this.


Much to our family's disappointment, Movenpick Marche London ceased trading on 15 March 2002. We took my daughter there for her birthday dinner on 11 May to find it stripped to bare walls and floors. It's been a great place to eat at both its Victoria and former Leicester Square locations. Sad to see it go.


Friends from a previous job and I regularly meet here for a gossip and lunch - we turn up at midday, gossip until 8, eating and drinking as we go - nobody tries to turf us out for being there so long - a great meeting place.


Okay you fancy a meal out, and some bright spark suggests you go to a converted underground car park with jumble sale type stalls from which you assemble your meal. You feel wary right? Well don't because the Movenpick, is a great place to eat. It was an underground car park, but it has been completely refurbished and two large light wells give the amazing space a bright and airy feeling. When you enter the restaurant, you are given a card that is stamped as you collect parts of your meal from the various stalls.You find a table, claim it and then wander around selecting your meal. There are stalls with freshly prepared meat, fish, vegetables, salads, a pasta bar and desserts, as well as a bar providing an excellent selection of beverages. Most of the dishes are freshly prepared while you wait so it's not the best place to go if you're in a hurry but it's great to see your fish or meat cooked fresh whilst you select a fresh salad to accompany it.At about £15 a head for two courses, drinks and coffee it's not expensive. Kids love it, although you need to be wary of letting them loose with their own card as the bill could soon mount up. Equally as there is no minimum charge you can descend from the bustle of Victoria, into it's sanctuary just to enjoy a cook and browse through the paper (will power permitting).