The Holloway Indian Takeaway

215 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DL
020 7700 5654
Indian Takeaway
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3 reviews of The Holloway Indian Takeaway


Yum Yum very lovely food and super fast delivery within 15 mins to my door and was , still baking hot when served up pilau rice was the best ive had in ages unlike some other indian houses this one beats them all i reckon in the holloway area , cheap rices for good value food in return . if your into your curry dishes want them delivered quick and super tasty and not to exspensive then this is a must for any curry lover ! Try them out ! ! ! !


The food is extremely nice and the price is also very reasonable. My recommendation for a nice take-out.


I have eaten at all the takeaways in and around the holloway area and personally me and my friends think this is the best out off all of them. TRY IT!