Turquoise Kebab House

47 Fore Street, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2JA
01208 74050
Kebab Takeaway
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11 reviews of Turquoise Kebab House

Tracy Robins

Kebabs are amazing, just NEVER ENOUGH MEAT GRRRRRR.

George Mustoe

This is one of my favourite places to eat, second to Mount Pleasant Farm which scores more highly because of its special vegetable only meal deals.

Dan Siddal

I love the Chicken house, I eat it every night. On friday night me, my mum and my sister enjoy the 12 piece combo, with extra beans and gravy. If we save up enough in a week we have a kebabby, at least they give you a free bottle of coke with a 12 inch pizza.!


Always had excellent delivery service at my old address - hope it spills over into my new address, cos food is delicious and always piping hot. Also thay provide me with a bottle of my choice so I don't need to go to the supermarket where I would spend a fortune on things I don't need. Keep it up fellas!


Definately the best kebab shop in Cornwall. The food is great and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Go and pay them a visit.

Luke Martin

I go here every night. These guys feed me up proper job.

Jo and Stef

We love a good bit of Chicken licken, especislly of the free range calebra, with fries of course! And the staff, well they are more than helpful!xx

Joshh, Luke and Phil

Very good kebab ...rang to see if they deliver....I LIKE! :D

Dave Townsend

These guys are the tops great food great service. With home delivery they really go the extra mile for customers. I just keep going back :-)

Luke Williams

Amazing Chicken, i love it on a friday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is definately the best kabab shop in Cornwall. The staff are always polite and friendly and they cope well with the drunks from Bodmin on a Friday and Saturday night. The food menu is varied and they do 6 difference types of kebab as well as burgers, pizzas etc. Definately 10/10 in my books.