The Munch Box

13a Bournemouth Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 3DA
023 8025 1631
Mixed Takeaway
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35 reviews of The Munch Box


Great service, very nice gentleman! Food is very tasty at a very reasonable price!

James Wooley

Good place to grab a sandwich in a hurry and take it back to work. Made quick and for a good price. Good variety too.


Just want to say thanks to the Munchbox crew for making my lunchtimes tasty again! Such great service from lovely people and delicious food which I could eat forever :) I highly recommend a coleslaw, salad, ham and pickle bap - truly a taste explosion!!

Neil Adams

Popped in the other day had one of your B.L.T.s with special mayonaise!! I could still taste it the following day. Keep up the good work. Must have been hard to follow the previous owner.


Great little food place, friendly staff, well priced food (especially for the quantity) and the food is actually really good. Strongly recommend this place if you fancy a no-thrills lunch, unless like me you find jacket potatoes pretty exciting, in which case it is a truly thrilling lunch.

Ali Watson

I was at your premises today and I would just like to say a big thank you for the fantastic service and quality of your food and drinks. This was not the first time I have been in, I also visited last week and a few weeks before that where your three-cheese with spring onion and mayo was recommended as a filling for a bap and indeed it was delicious! You can guarantee my custom in the future! It is not that often that you get such good service on every visit and good quality food. That is why I felt that I had to let you know. Thank you Ali xx

Mike Bourne

This local sandwich shop may not have all the pomp and circumstance of city centre eateries- all expensive uniforms, huge hairnets and Ciabatta- but what it does have is excellent portions, scrummy sandwiches and service with a smile.

Nick Fryer

I actually eat here about 5 times a day. I am addicted to the hot soss doorstep with a sprinkle of C and a dusting of O... Delicious.

John @ Vistec

What more can I say about this great sandwich shop that has'nt been said already. Its great, clean and full of goodies. Please dont ever change or try to be like one of those boring multiples. You are original and thats why I always use you.

Phil Lawrence

Best sandwich shop I have ever been to. Really friendly, great service and always great sandwiches. Try out the 'Strange But True' on the specials - bacon, peanut butter, cranberry sauce and lettuce! I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and now have it every time. Worryingly I wake up in the middle night dreaming about it!

Marc @ Fortis

What can I say that hasn't been said already! This is my absolute favourite sandwich shop. The end. Never had a bad sandwich experience with the Munch Box. We get all our breakfast bacon sarrnies from here and they are consistently superb. Personal favourite however..chicken tikka baguette..amazing. Best sarnies for miles around.


Hey! Wassup Munchies. Miss you very much. I work in London (Clapham) now and am fed up with my local sandwich shop. Please please please open one up near me. Need some lovin tender munch box care!!!!!!!


The Munch Box does some lovely sandwiches, staff are friendly, I myself prefer the Chicken Bacon Club Door-Step Sandwich, very tasty.

D. Jones

I really rate the Munch Box - I worked opposite this place for a few years and it never failed me - morning bacon rolls, made fresh however you want. For lunches, they offer different mixes of fillings in a variety of rolls / breads / wraps, but if you don't fancy that you can have jacket potato, or soup; the list is endless. Everything is always fresh and tastes delicious. I used to have the salad boxes and it always impressed me that they really filled them up properly, never skimping on quantity or quality!

Jude @ Hendy's

They never let you down! The staff are brilliant ("Hi girls!"), always cheerful and the food reflects the quality small business that Kae & Angie run together as a great team. Peanut butter and cranberry might not be high on the popularity list, but if you love it, they'll make it! That reminds me ... must drop in for one soon ...

Colin Welch

My wife and I recently celebrated a 'special' wedding anniversary. Daunted with providing all of the refreshment for a 'garden party' for 42 people we contacted The Munch Box. They came up trumps and made superbly fresh sanwiches on a Sunday morning, delivering them in purpose designed vacuum sealed boxes precisely on time. We could not have asked for a better service at a reasonable price. We will definiely use them again and recommned The Munch Box as being excellent in all respects.


I have dreams about your sandwiches and believe me, whenever anyone I know goes to Chandlers Ford, first words out of my mouth are MUNCHBOX! You have imprinted my heart with your wholesome tasty goodness and 6 years later, I'm still singing your praises. I miss you and your sandwiches.Laura (Winchester).

Katie Ellis

Good place to escape to from work for sandwiches and snacks. I go there quite regularly. The guy who runs it is so good with his customers no wonder theres always a queue.

Dennis Watley

I am a bit spoiled when it comes to lunch; I always get what I want. I'm sure most people are like that, besides, no one wants a crappy meal in the middle of the day. When I'm craving a sandwich and don't want something pre-made, I go to the Munch Box Sandwich Shop. The shop is small and the staff are eager to help and turn the ordinary sandwich into a dining experience. I can have any kind of sandwich I want from them, I just tell them and they make it! I like that. Yes, I'm a bit bossy and I like getting what I want, who doesn't. On top of getting any kind of sandwich, these sandwiches are actually good. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean a little bit good, I mean I could eat at the Munch Box everyday! Their tuna is perfect and you can never go wrong with roast beef on brown bread with butter and cheese...sheer perfection!


The Munch Box is a sandwich shop offering a good range of baps, sub rolls, breads and fillings. If the smells wafting from the door don't drag you in, the display chiller filled with lunch time goodies and great cakes certainly will. The only difficulty is seeing past all the other people hovering outside at lunch time.

David Hallam

What to say. I have moved out of the area but make a big effort to come back whenever I can for the great food and the fact that the girls still make a fuss of me! - Well done. Dave.


Keep up the good work - you are by far the best sandwich shop around.


This shop does offer a range of quality hot and cold sandwiches, and they are great at the lunchtime sandwiches than many of the others in the area. I would recommend chicken tikka onion baguette, or chicken tikka and mango chutney doorstep, these are both very tasty indeed, and cheap at around £2.50 each. The shop itself is tiny and you can often find yourself queing out of the door, which isn't too appealing, especially if the weather isn't favourable.

Sue Woodley

Great bacon baguettes. Fantastic service for the delivery of business lunches even at last minute.... Nothing is ever too much bother - what would I do without them!!!

Jan Vincent

Kai and his staff pulled out all the stops for a buffet for me that I had to order at very short notice. The food supplied was superb - very fresh and you couldn't fault the selection! I now use The Munch Box all the time - they're great!


Nice to have exactly what you want in a sarnie. These guys know their stuff. Not many places like this around.

Dan T

Good all round sandwich shop - clean and tidy which for me is essential. I had a salad box which was fantastic and freshly made. You can tell the difference.

Steve O

These guys do a baguette with chilli con carne and cheese and its wicked.

Jon Page

Very nice selection of sandwiches and even better we got "service with a smile".Will definateley visit again.

Barry Hornett

I go there if I'm in the area coz they do a cracking brekkie baguette. Its got suasage,bacon,mushroom and egg all in a fresh roll. Just the way I like it. Shame there's not one near me.


Had one of their Hickory BBQ chicken baguettes which was recommended by the staff and it was fantastic. There's a big selection to choose from.

Paul Harvey

Hot Bacon and Brie baguette tasty tasty very very tasty. Good shop - good selection. Bit expensive but worth it.

Alan Morton

Probably the best sandwich shop in town!!- Such variety and good value for money with pleasant helpful staff. Keep up the good work!

Steve Vlismas

Yeah I agree - also worth trying their bacon and cheese melt !!! its to die for.

Nick Gosling

Just happened to be passing this place and popped in and had the most excellent chicken mayo with bacon bits door step sandwich. The best I've had in years - will go there next time I'm in the area!!