Bengal Mangrove

London Road, Halstead, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 7DT
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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12 reviews of Bengal Mangrove

Nick Armitage

Sadly, The Bengal Mangrove has changed hands. I enjoyed going to this fab restaurant. The staff were amazing, they always remebered my birthday, they even took a picutre of me with them to send off to there family in India.

Zoe Smart

Great food, fab service and the flavours are absolutely excellent. One word of caution - watch out for the over keen waitor who offers you a cocktail. He makes out that he's doing it as a freebie, doesn't give you a choice, hands you a small glass of something overly strong and then charges you £5.95 for the priveledge!!

Dennis Fitzsimons

This is one of the finest Indian restaurant's I have eaten in, polite staff who do not rush you, the tables were cleared, but you never noticed it, the decor and location are brilliant.


I took my family to the Bengal Mangrove for my birthday and it was fantastic.The food was excellent and the service impeccable. I would highly recommend a visit.


Out of all the Indian restaurants I have dined, this one is by far the most outstanding. The food is a little different from your usual Indian. The food is of very high quality and the staff are very friendly and polite. The atmosphere is inviting, the decor has a beautiful modern feel! Most surprisingly the bill will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Dr Gandhi

I took my family and guest of 30 people for wife's 50th birthday party. We were greeted with a warm welcome and sat in the conservatory where the view was breaktaking. The food was exceptionally good and the service of high standard. My wife and guest were very impressed with my choice of venue and we had a great time there. I highly recommend the place especially for parties.

Chris Welch

I have tried virtually all the Indian restaurants in the Sevenoaks and Bromley area and can safely say 'the Mangrove' is the best, especially there Sunday lunch buffet.


Wow! What a place. We were at their annual New Years Eve party (2003), where they had live band playing boogie woogie. The food and service was outstanding. The manager, Naz, is a polite and courteous young man and very well dressed. I'm hooked on Mangrove now.


The decor was great the atmosphere was excellent and the food, well let me say this, i dont like veg curry's but i tried their one and i ended up eating it all, now you decide how good they are! They are best for weddings, they provide the best service ever.


I have never seen such an eatraordinary restaurant! The food was stunning and beautifully presented and the prices are so fair! The atmosphere was exceptional, better than the Carribean Ritz! Truly a dine words cannot describe! Especially travelling about 2 hours from Birmingham, it was better than expectations and exceptional!


It was totally excellent. The interior decor is breathtaking and once you arrive you are welcomed be the most warm reception. The service was brilliant as well as the food. Especially the aloo chat, it is a definite must! The place is a must to visit!


It is a real shame when a restaurant that provides passable food lets it's self down badly with its service. I ordered a meal by telephone, when entertaining at home, and was told it would be ready it an hour. I duly set off thirty minutes later and arrived, to collect my order fifty minutes after the order had been placed. An hour later when I started complaining I was joined by a host of other patrons, with "me too" complaints about the length of wait. My order duly arrived after another ten minutes, but when unpacking it at home a complete meal was missing (needless to say they hadn't failed to charge me for it). Fortunately there was enough to go around and we enjoyed the meal, and the Spinach Fritters (Palak Pakori Chaat) were excellent. In summary good food but slow discourteous service.