The Pearsons Arms

Sea Wall, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 1BT
01227 773133
Seafood Restaurant
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39 reviews of The Pearsons Arms

Kay Moss

Have had 2 meals recently here and both were really lovely. Staff friendly and helpful. Great views from tables. Would definitely go again.


The whole family went to Pearsons Arms on Mothers Day and had a great time, the staff were very attentive and we had a table upstairs overlooking the beach, fantastic views. The food was very good and tasty and excellant value for money and all washed down with Gadds Beer (not the kids!!) I was a little reluctant to go at first because we went there last summer and it was a disaster under the last management, but Richard and his team hve completely turned it around and its easily, in my option, the best place to eat in Whitstable. Don't take any notice of some of these other reviews posted here, I wonder if they have really been there!! Try it for yourself. Terence


Just got back from a lunch for 3 ladies and 2 children. What a disapointment. Complained 3 times, firstly the wine was corked, secondly the pork was actually raw in the middle, to which the waitress tried to say was intentional, which I found very concering as a professional chef of ten years and then thirdly one of the party found a whole stem of a garlic bulb which was very hard and chewy. When I asked the waitress to pass on my feedback to the chef she later returned with no apologie or response. She just took the money and left. What a let down. Do not eat here. It is not un safe but also sub standard. Take it from a very un fussy person : (

Stephen Fisher

First time at this restaurant and we all thoroughly enjoyed the food and service we experienced. The staff were pleasent and attentive but were always busy so if mistakes were made then that is the reason. The food was excellent, however, more attention should be paid to the food not left to stand to long before serving ( NOT PIPING HOT ). This will not deter us from coming again soon. Steve and Wendy Fisher and Maureen and Barbara Hennessy.


Pearson's Arms in Whitstable has been taken over by TV chef Richard Phillips. So we went there on Saturday to see what a difference Mr Phillips would make! WOW, what a great place, Richard has retained the pub atmoshere and has some great beer, cocktail and wine offerings. We ate in the resturant upstairs and the food was fantastic and resonable. I would describe as the best "pub food" I have ever tasted! Great place, can't wait to go back soon. Bonio

David Goldfine

1/1/2011 Lunch at Pearsons. Its just been taken over agaain and all I can say its the worst its ever been new cook yes cook my party of 10 were very upset at the hole thing no more to say I wont go back


I went to this restaurant with a friend at 6pm on 13th August 2010 at the end of a nice day in Whitstable. The dining room is nicely presented and the head waiter/owner was lovely and friendly and gave us a nice sea-view table. We ordered beer-battered fish and chips with peas at £14 each, but unfortunately the food did not live up to the setting or the price at all. The oil used to fry the food was stale. I didn't complain about this because I wasn't sure the oil was off until halfway through eating the food, and by then it seemed too late to complain. When the owner / head waiter had to leave the building for a few moments, the young staff put on aggressive music and turned it up way too loud for a restaurant. I had to get up and ask them to turn it down - in fact, I had to find them first as they were all donwstairs chatting in the entrance area rather than keeping an eye on their diners. The owner was later very apologetic and deducted the service charge from the bill, but overall this was a thoroughly disappointing experience. We would have been much better off getting fresh fish and chips from a takeaway and eating it on the beach. I hope this review helps the restaurant to improve their offering.

Robert Sheldon

The restaurant looks great and is in a fantastic spot. However, my girlfriend and I sat for an hour and twice asked for our food before discovering they had lost our order. They promised us a free glass of wine to make up for it but didn't bring that either. We only ordered fish and chips - it arrived 70 mins later and was cold. I might forgive this in a busy restaurant but there were only 6 tables of diners. A truly shocking experience.

Jane Bailey

Expectations were not met, I had swordfish, which had the consistency of cotton wool, it was served sandwiched between ciabatta bread with a bowl of chips, expensive or unexciting. The loo seat in the ladies had come adrift from it hinges and there was paper over the floor. To summarise the service was very good, but everything was just really mediocre and there is not enough of a pull for me to go back.

Jackie Neve

We have eaten in Pearson several times in the last year food is always excellent, young enthusiastic Head Chef produces the most amazing meals at the higest standard and is always willing to go that extra mile for his customers - staff very friendly -

Ms J Edwards

Have eaten here at least half a dozen times in last 6 months - food excellent and can only say that anyone that visited before August 2007 should definately go back - atmosphere fantastic - food outstanding !!

Dan Lewis

We had a really lovely meal and enjoyed the atmosphere this weekend. The staff were young & not that experienced but swift and helpful. Wine list is limited and so is menu if you don't eat fish or meat. We both had 3 courses with a bottle of wine which was about £80, not bad considering wine was £25 alone. We had the mushroom ravioli for mains which was delicious but could have been larger. We will definitely go again.

Jamie Brown

The food was so sick I loved it. I was licking my fingers 4 weeks after this meal. Bloody excellent.

Emily Dobson

The Pearsons is now a fantastic place to go :) News years eve was a wonderful night with lovly food and drinks. would highly recommend it for either drinks or food!

Eileen Pallen

Today my best friend and I went with our husbands to Whitstable. We tried a couple of restaurants/pubs that had just finished serving and came across Pearsons. We dithered outside as one of us was a very plain eater and wasn't sure if that could be accomodated. A charming gentleman came out and asked if he could help and said we could have the food as plain as we wanted it. We were shown to the restaurant upstairs with the most wonderful view and I can only say the service and the food was truly excellent. We will definitely come back and most definitely recommend it!!!

Helen Palmer

Have just returned from a late lunch at the Pearsons. Food is served from 12 noon til 9.00 pm. Excellent food and service. Will definately be returning.

Clifford Rosen

We tried the newly re-opened Pearsons on Saturday and what a great night we had. There were 7 of us and we were looked after very well by charming staff and the food delicious (great Oysters!). Highly recommend it and much cheaper that the Oyster House opposite too...

Victor Ludorum

We visited the PA on August Bank Holiday Monday. They were clearly very busy and, as we hadn't booked, I wondered if we'd get a table but they found us one, telling us when they'd need it for a booking. The service was with a smile if a touch patchy though nothing at all serious (they forgot to tell us about the day's specials). The ambience was very airy, with lots of natural light, helped by the light decor. Plain wood tables were decorated with a simple but attractive stem vase. I was delighted to see linen napkins. The food was first rate. Pigeon breasts were seared and red in the middle. Squid salad was just right, too - not rubbery, as is all too often the case. They ensured that the fish was cooked as we requested (slightly different from the menu). The sea bass was the size of Shropshire! Finally, I was delighted to see Austrian wine on the wine list. The Gruner Veltliner was one of the best (Kremstal). Although not cheap, on balance, I think that this did represent VFM. I'd certainly recommend it and I'd happily dine there again myself.

Adam Dunning

The Pearsons has now changed hands and name is now the Pearsons Arms. Its better than it has ever been !!!!

David Scott

Has changed hands now. Scrubbed up very well, as they say, with a lighter contemporary feel (not to everyone's taste, but to each their own). Food, though, is absolutely outstanding, and the whole business is in the hands of a local chef who also runs a first-class restaurant on the High Street. Give the new Pearsons a try.

Dawn D Medhurst

Never again will we go to Pearsons. The Pub is filthy and the toilets absolutely disgusting, the Restuarant is only marginally better. The Restuarant is over priced, the size and quality of the seafood has decreased, and were very embarassed as our friends asked us to join them, after we recommend them to go there. We were offered no extra dishes for shells and had to ask for more serviettes plus Hand Wipes that were nearly dry. No need to say that our friends are bitterly disappointed and my husband and I embarrassed. Visit at your own risk!!!

Liz Walton

Extremely disapointed. Used the Pearsons regulaly a few years back and the food/service was outstanding. Went a few days ago to celebrate mothers day with my family. Food was disgusting. All meals were cold and most fish dishes dry. The exception to this was my fathers Sea Bass which was burnt. Wine was heavily overpriced and i could go on and on. Very upset and feel this restuarant is staying afloat due to its past reputation. I will not be visiting again. Thankyou for ruining my elderly mothers night out.

Cas Mccaffrey

I would not eat at this restaurant again. The service was slow and appalling. The first course was the only decent part of the meal. mainly because it was hot [had to ask for soup spoons though]. The main course after waiting an hour [and asking a very disinterested waitress how long it would be]arrived luke warm. When telling the waitress about it she just said it shouldn't be and walked off!!! People are spending a lot of hard earned money for this food. The least they should be able to have is good service and good food.Neither of which was on offer in this restaurant. I will not be recommending this place to anyone else or going there again.

Steve Banford

In a word "Awful" I agree Ramsay would have a field day in this horrible place - The service was bad the lobster was reheated and rubbery the staff didn't offer any advice on specials or wine. The restaurant was dirty - I am surprised to see this place open. They can't get much in the way of repeat custom.

Peter Wakefield

Disappointing meal & restaurant. Drink & wine was not good. Food was mediocre & unimaginative, seasonal vegetables were dire. Restaurant needs a face lift badly & looks tired. Not good value for money.

Mr A Blinov

Food was exceptionally good. Oysters in white wine, scallops, grilled halibut and monkfish were equally impressive. Shame about the service, had to wait quarter of an hour for second glass of wine and water which never arrived. Also, served chips instead of roast potatoes. Would recommend if you don't mind the service.

Lesley Smith

I can't agree with the detrimental reviews below. I have been to this restaurant many times and always had excellent service and food. Okay, so the place isn't pristine, but as it is at the waterside you should expect a degree of 'run-down' in an old building. Sticky tables? So ask for it to be wiped! Maybe these people haven't eaten in MacDonalds/BK/KFC.... At least Pearsons food is excellent quality and VFM. I took my very fussy elderly parents last year, they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and certainly recommended the seafood platter. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Amanda Butler

I have heard of this place for years as many people rate the food. What a dissapointment. The pub was dirty. Toilets were bad. The resturant was not good as well. Sticky table, but decided to have a meal as we booked it for our anniversary. I asked if the lobster was freshly cooked and was told it was. No it was not, as I was asked if I wanted it cold or grilled. I came out for a hot meal so, I had grilled. It was so tuff I could not get my knife in it. I was told I could change it or have something else, so I chose plaice in herb butter. The dish came out in mins because it was done in the microwave. I picked at this, had no more courses and left hungry. There was no appology about this or complimntary offer for this, so i will never go there again.

Brianna Edwards

I was very unsatisfied with my meal here. I had dry and rubbery Lobster. the restaurant was also empty apart from me and my partner so we expected better from the Chef as ours was the only meal he had to cook. Restaurant is also dirty. There was thick dust on the extractor fan which was directly above a table. New management does not seem to be doing very well.

Ashley Chamberlain

My fiance and I were the only people in the restaurant on a Sunday night so we were looking forward to getting all the chefs attention and expected this to be a really nice meal to remember.The young waitress greeted us and showed us to our table. She asked if we would like a drink. I asked for a Red wine and my fiance justed asked for Lemonade. The waitress asked if I would like the house Red. I asked if there was an Australian Shiraz and she looked very blankly at me and shrugged her shoulders so I just said bring me the house red. Starter arrived - Garlic King Prawns. 4 Nice sized king Prawns with a side salad. The Prawns were cooked very nicely but the salad had no dressing of any kind. There was no plate or bowl to place the prawn shells and no lemon water to wash your fingers. 6/10 Main Course - Lobster in garlic butter. This was one reasonably sized Lobster which was dumped onto the plate and it looked like the chef had just grabbed a handful the same undressed salad and dumped it on top. There was no effort to make the plate look nice and it was not very appetising at all. OK we thought but the true test is in the eating. I was 75% of the way through a rubbery overcooked lobster when I first tasted the garlic butter. It was nowhere to be seen. I was very disappointed - I have had lobster on previous occasions and have found it to be exquisite. This was just unpleasant. It was accompanied by a side of chips which were perfect and some onion rings which were burnt. 1/10.Time to ask the manager her thoughts. I have never complained in a restaurant before but was not happy with the thought of paying £20 each for these lobsters.The manager was on the defensive from the start. She said that there was dressing on the salad and garlic butter on the lobster. If there was I could not see or taste it. When we asked her about the bowl for Prawn shells and lemon water for washing your fingers she replied. No we don't supply those and no-one else has ever asked for one. We had to go to another table and get a serviette to put the shells on and then wrap them up and put them back on the plate when finished. She did however begrudgingly refund the cost of one of the lobsters.


Failed to fullfil all of order. £16.95 Seafood plater served with oven chips! with exception of 1 oyster, no local shell fish: cockles, welks, fresh crab or mussels, it only contained processed fish. Tables dirty because varnish degraded. Vacated tables left full of dirty crockery on a quite Saturday night? Great location but they've missed by miles, Gordon Ramsey would have a field day.

Tina Wright

Since hearing that the pearsons now has new management we have been down a few times for long w/ends and will always book our tables in advance as the place is fantastic and very busy. the waitresses were all very helpfull with out being to o.t.t. and the food was delicous. It has become one of our favourite places to eat in whitstable.


I thought our meal was lovely...service was a bit sour...but on the whole very good.will return soon.


Since being taken over in the summer, Pearson's has improved dramatically. The staff are very helpful and the food superb, not a single complaint to make. I cannot see how the previous comment made on this sight can be accurate - I have returned twice now and shall continue to do so.


We were a party of 8 for Saturday night, and were very disappointed with the food, service, ambience and prices. Having tried the Crab & Winkle previously, we thought we would give Pearson's a try - but we won't go back! The meals were, generally, not up to even a resonable standard (typical comments were 'tasteless' and 'dry'), and for a restaurant to run out of vanilla ice cream, it is almost a crime - on a par with running out of spuds!!!! When the young waitress asked if we had enjoyed our meals, we were honest and said 'no', but she didn't know what to say in response, and didn't tell the manager as nobody came to see what the problem was. It was a shame, because the position of the restuarant was lovely, and it could have capitalised on this. However, it was not a good experience, and we will not go back!

Pat, Brian, Jane & Barry

I'm sorry to report that Pearsons has very much gone to pot. We have visited Pearsons many times & have always enjoyed delicious food & good service. On our visit there last night to celebrate a birthday, we were very dissappointed with our meals & also noticed the prices have increased quite dramatically. The attitude of staff was that they couldn't care less if they never saw us again & sadly we shall not be going there again.

Barry Walker

The food is superb. The Pearson's Platter was brimming over with fresh crab, lobster, prawns, mussels and oysters, wonderful. The staff were very friendly and efficient and if you get there early you can grab a table by the windows and watch the glorious sunsets over Whitstable Bay.

I can't agree with the previous two reviews. This place is great.

Katerina Devitt

Food excellent and staff on the many occasions I have visited have been friendly and willing to do anything to make the meal special. Wine selection is a little limited. The Three tiered Seafood special was excellent but the size and quality of the seafood has decreased. Shame, but we go elsewhere for that now.

John Cotter

Unbelievably surly staff and Manageress. Food good, but attitude very poor. The customer is never ever right in this establishment. The Propritor is elusive and not available - probably speaks volumes.