Traditional Plaice Restaurant & Take Away

50 Downing Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PH
01252 718009
Fish & Chips Takeaway
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4 reviews of Traditional Plaice Restaurant & Take Away


Visited the restaurant today in a big group, was a complete mix up with what we ordered, we were then accused of getting our order wrong when they brought out the wrong dish. Basically called us Liars.

One of our diners did not receive her meal until the rest of us had finished and we'd asked for it on several occasions, she was also asked if she could 'just have the meal with beans' as this is what they had already incorrectly made up.

When we asked to speak with the manager about our upset, he was just as rude, completely uninterested and simply told us 'you eat the food, you pay for the food'

Regular customers now lost.

V. Carlin

The best fish & chips I've ever had. I still make a round trip of 20 miles to come here.Also, thanks for removing the skin on the fish (as a Scot that's what we're used to, but so many shops don't!) Excellent.

Fern Winters

Gorgeouas! Best chippie I know, good restaraunt and nice take-away! cant get better!


The best chippie in town!