The Stringray Globe Cafe

109 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RL
Pizza Restaurant
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20 reviews of The Stringray Globe Cafe


Great food, shame about the moody waitress & bar ladies. Possibly need more staff to take the stress off of the ladies, make it a more enjoyable experience :D

George Karapateas

Nice pizza but nasty staff, they are always grumpy and very very rude.


Lovely food, lovely service and lovely place. Thanks globe.


I really love the pizzas here and luckely string ray are just around the corner from us! I also like all the other food that they do here and the staff are usually very lovely and nice to us.


Delicious food, amazing pizzas and very good prices. However, staff is extremely rude and grumpy (especially waitresses). They also didn't let us to bring our own little bday cake (for the party of 14(!) people) and blow the candles there, which had nevere ever happened to me before even in a fine dinning restaurants.


Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy, yet amazing pizza.


I agree with everyone else - great pizza, awfully loud & bad music.


Just to confirm that pizza is still very good and staff still very grumpy!

Sam Willis

Good pizzas, good value, marred however by the most miserable staff I have ever encountered, despite being a regular, there is never even a glimmer of recognition or greeting... also, the music is generally awful and really loud... WHY??! Maybe it's to try and get people out of their chairs as it's always packed...


Amazing pizzas and good value.They would never get away with the grumpy service, bad english skills and awful music if the food wasn't so good!

Edd Turner

Ordered English breakfast for four on a Sunday morning. When it came, it was very tasty. However, on arrival, no member of staff greeted us or aranged us any seating (we had to ask another couple to swop tables for us). No waitress had appeared after ten minutes, so we went to the bar. We could NOT order drinks/food at the bar, explained the clearly stressed barmaid, as we had to wait for a waitress. Waitress came five minutes later. Drinks took ages, the order was wrong when it finally came. Glasses dirty. Were not offered milk for our cups of tea. Arrived 5 minutes before food, drank luke warm tea with our food. Not offered sauces. Reminded staff (again) of the incorrect drink order, came half way through eating. Had to wait ages for the bill, even when we prompted the staff. Bill came. Paid cash, did not recieve our change (no way were we going to leave a tip *that* big). Waited for change. Waited. Prompted waitress who had no intention of giving us our change. Got it, left. Loud music played thoughout. Next time, will order a take-away...

Josephine Tang

Only recently discovered this place - it's recommended in Time Out's Eating Out guide 2007. Pizzas are huge and one of the tastiest I've ever had. Cannot go there without ordering the garlic pizza bread with cheese - share it though, it's a pizza in its own right!


Go to the globe, get a calzone or a pizza and you'll never be disappointed. If i lived nextdoor i'd definitely be a fat heffer!


I often Visit the globe, the food its marvelous, however the music could be a little finer, perhaps some Eartha Kitt or Howling Wolf. Whichever... someone print off this website and mail it to them!


Fantastic food... great value.. service can be a little slow sometimes, and Geoff got it spot on about the music being a bit loud...


Food is great, I too live in columbia road so go there a lot. Geoff is right though, new management are very rude. Has definitely gone downhill.


Been a loyal customer for years for good atmosphere and food. New management though have music cranked up so you can't really have a conversation. My polite request for a little reduction in vol was met by " the music will not go down. If you want quiet there is a library near here you can go there". Touch of Faulty Towers. We left. Librabies were closed so found another place with music and friendly staff. Pity.


I often go there for good cheap 'med' food, unusual for London.


Dan Kelly is 100% accurate in his review of Stringray. This is a top place and the pizzas are absolutely gorgeous.

I wish that "I" could have lived next door to the place.

Dan Kelly

Prompt service, fantastic, yes fantastic pizzas, pleasant atmostsphere. You NEVER go to an Pizza Xpress again. Far end of the Columbia Road flower market. Used to live nextdoor and now truly miss it.