Taza Take Away

35a Queensway, London, W2 4QJ
0207 7277420
Kebab Takeaway
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2 reviews of Taza Take Away


I agree with Simon, the BEST kebab in london. Its very very delicious. Actually sometimes I do have two in a row :-) The nutty mayonnaise sauce is tahini I think, and is also very lovely. Everything always tastes fresh. Its a shame I have moved to Islington now. Wish I couldve bought the shop here with me!


I always make a beeline for this place if I am in that part of London (its only a short walk from Paddington where I sometimes change for Victoria). When I lived in Ladbroke Grove we ate there at least twice a week.

Forget all you think you know about the standard kebab eaten at 11.30 in the street - this is a world away from that. This first thing you notice is that the actual revolving kebab is composed of proper pieces of meat stuck to a spit - 1 Chicken, 1 lamb (halal). What they do to make the tasty Shalwarma is fill a pitta with some meat freshly sliced then pop it in one of those sorta fryers like a George Foreman grill. This not only lightly toasts the pitta (in nice stripes) but also causes some of the meat juices to soak into the bread. Then they add your good crispy mixed salad, this fabulous sort of thin, nutty mayonnaise and excellent homemade chilli sauce.

The result is a lipsmacking kebab with a great mixture of flavours. I always have difficulty in restraining myself not to have 2! They also do a range of other kebabs, and a great salad bar where you can help yourself as many times as you like. The premises are really small with room for just 4 or 5 sitting inside and 2 small tables on the pavement but you won't be there all that long, service is fast and food so good you will eat it quickly.