Thames Tandoori

79 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8UD
Indian Restaurant & Takeaway
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Sorry but this restaurant is no longer available.

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7 reviews of Thames Tandoori


Very rude and materialistic over service.


I am sooo glad that I went to this restaurant. My opinion is fantastic! The food was really exceptional and the service in unbeatable. I found this restaurant in a league of its own.There are very few restaurants that I have visited of my quality, and I hope they continue to provide this type of food and service.Overall my experience was exceptional. Robert. Monday 15th may 2006

Mie Mie Tin

Disgusting service at this totally empty restaurant on Sep 12, 2005 Monday at lunch time - don't go there! One of my friends made a phone call after ordering drinks before ordering main meals. We were told by the waiter "you come here to eat, not to make phone calls. Eat first and make phone calls later". The so-called owner joined the attack and said "nobody tells me how to run my business. We have been here for 20 years". We also were told that we weren't customers and as a result, weren't allowed to fill in feedback cards. We didn't stay long enough to taste the food. We, instead, had a very tasty lunch at a Thai restaurant a few doors down which was packed.

Andrew Silverman

Delicious authentic food. Chilli lovers must try the wonderful naga chicken made with bangladeshi habaneros! Excellent service and very good value.


I was utterly disgusted by this excuse for a restaurant. I have just returned from there and feel it necessary to warn others about this place.

After arriving in Waterloo from a long day out at the Oval (England Vs. Australia) - we decided on a curry, finding only Thames Tandoori in the area.

After placing an order for starters, and drinks, one of the party was not hungry for a main course - and so declined when asked. Immediately the waiter became very hostile, and threatened that we would have to pay an extra £5 PER head - for the privilege of drinking a beer!! Considering they were charging £5 for a cobra anyways meant that £10 a beer was NOT funny. Fair enough, licensing laws etc. mean that you need to eat with your drink - however the fact that he was so rude - and that he threatened to kick us out was the final straw. Those that did eat complained of bland taste, tiny portions and long waiting times - even thought the restaurant was fairly empty (on a Thursday night).

All in all, a terrible place that I hope no one else has to experience!!

James Wallace

I made my first and last visit to the Thames Tandoori on Wednesday - possibly the worst Indian food I have ever eaten. The starter tasted as though it had been hanging around for weeks, and the main course was inedible.

Alex Thorne

Excellent choice and have a wide delivering catchment area. Decent sized portions for acceptable prices. Good Serice. Well Done!