The Waterend Barn

St Peters St, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3LE
01727 814100
Mixed Restaurant
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7 reviews of The Waterend Barn


I would NOT recommend anybody to go to this pub. I went there for a dinner with my colleagues. We ordered 3 rib eye stakes. We were told that we could not have tab open so we had to pay at the counter. After half and hour manager/supervisor came to us and said that they had only 2 rib eyes available. We changed our order and ordered something else which was actually much cheaper than rib eye. No refunds were offered for the difference. When they eventually brought the meals it was already cold and overcooked. There was only one rib eye out of 2 premised at the second time. We asked for the clarifications. Same manager told us angrily : "SO WHAT WE MADE A MISTAKE!". This was not followed by an apology or anything of that sort. This pub overcharges its customers, has very rude staff and awful food.


It has a nice atmosphere. Good food well priced and been there several times recently will go back more often. WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great food, great prices, great atmosphere. Really nice place to go for a meal (is quite dark inside though) but overall a very nice place.


Had bar food in the main hall twice. A mixed platter for 2, both times, loads to eat and very nice and not very expensive. Had an evening meal in the restaurant once which was nice enough but not amazing. Overall a good place to go with a nice atmosphere and the barn is lovely.

Maria Brogden

Walked in on the off chance of a good Sunday dinner yesterday at 2:30, had a great meal in the hall, 4 people had the best Sunday Lunch for ages, food so well cooked good english fair, nice choice, not too much not too little, portions pleanty, and staff a pleasure. Will be going back again and again, prices so good also, well done to the chef, staff and owners, want to book for Christmas for family and works do. Thanks again, cannot say enough. Very Well DONE.


It re-opened 19th February 2005 by the Lloyd's group. They bought it for £2m and spent a further estimated £2m refurbishing it into a high-end, rustic butterfly. Well worth visiting just for the decor alone. The drinks are fairly priced for the area, and the atmosphere is new, but comfortable. Careful of the candles along the walls. Enjoy!

Ivor Nicholas

Food was of poor quality and grossly overpriced when it was open.

However, the barn has now been closed since the beginning of 2003, supposedly for refurbishment and a change of ownership.

There is still no sign of life after six months and I would be interested to know when the Barn may reopen, as I miss having a coffee and a chat in beautiful surroundings. (Or at least it used to be very nice until the serving counter was taken away and replaced by a giant drinks bar).