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73 High St Harborne Birmingham B17 9NS
Italian Restaurant
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9 reviews of Valentinos

Mary Reid

If you want simple Italian home cooked food, then Valentino's in Harborne, is the place to go. The pasta is suberb and the ambience is terrific.


In my opinion Valentinos has really gone downhill since I used to go there (between 2002 and 2006-7) - I note somebody said it changed hands in 2005 but it was about the same both times I went both before and after the change of management - very good! This time however (2010),the food was very medicore, the service displeasing, the atmosphere void - I was so disappointed! Bring back the trattoria feel it used to have - the extra little touches and decent food!

Nicola Jackson

Having just eaten at Valentinos for the first time ever, I felt I had to write a review immediately. Having booked for Valentines Night, I was expecting a lovely authentic Italian meal. What we got, was nothing short of Harborne's kitchen nightmare! Quite possible the worst meal and the worst service I have ever experienced in my whole life. No bread or olives served on the table - its an Italian!! No water offered and menus just tossed on the table. We arrived at 8.20pm and the 3 course meal was finished by 9pm, such was the hurrying of service. The food was appalling. The grilled vegetables with mozarella, was ice cold. My husbands salad, had clearly been festering on a shelf for a few weeks. The 'medallions' of fillet steak with a chilli & red wine sauce, was in fact a cheap steak casserole served with some hard and rather drab vegetables. The Tiramisu was shop bought and my cheesecake looked like it had been dropped on the floor & then shoved on my plate. All in all, an absolutely horrific dining experience and they were charging 30 a head. We asked to speak to the manager, but not surprisingly, he was 'busy' in the kitchen. We left, without paying the bill (although we had paid 20 deposit) Would I eat here again? NEVER - not even if you paid me to & I am not joking. It ought to closed down.


Went to Valentino's for Xmas Do from Work, generally it was good, food was nice, service was friendly and quick. However service charge was automatically put on the bill... and we feel we were overcharged for the wine - House Red 24 and Rose Wine 30!!! Cut your drink prices and it could be perfect... (Just a note that we were the only people in the restaurant and we had pre-ordered the food which is why it might have been ok. I thought in general it was ok but i won't be rushing back!


Egyptian or Italian? 09/10/2008 The food was great and very tasty. Chef is italian, great restaurant 8/10.


Very surprise to eat in an Italian restaurant and there not any Italian staff. I heard they are from Egypt. It is not the same atmosfere and the meal very disappointed.


Valentino's changed hands in 2005, since then it's reputation for 'THE' place to go has risen. I ate there and I had a great night. The food was plentiful and delicious. I had ordered from the set evening menu. Three courses for only 12.95. I could only just about manage to finish the dessert. The waiter - i think his name was Marco, was so plesant and helpful. My boyfriend and I had a great evening out.


I would completely disagree...I ate at Valentino's restaurant in Harborne this evening and was totally ripped off!!! The food was very average, small portions, plus half the goof on the menu was not available..the prices were far too high for the quality of the food. The service also wasn't very good, the manager seemed very aloof and not bothered until he saw my credit card..am def not going to return here and will spread the word!!


You couldn't fault this place if you tried - superb, personal service, imaginative and extensive menu and most importantly, delicious food that you will come back for again and again! Those who I have recommended Valentino's to have not been disappointed!

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