Vienna Restaurant

112 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7HH
Seafood Restaurant
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Please note this restaurant has now closed.

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34 reviews of Vienna Restaurant

R Alexander

This restaurant is definatly one of the finest in Britain. I so have visited many times and every time I have been there the food was excellant and so was the service I would highly recommend this restaurant to Anyone!!

Charles and Wendy Good

We had our Golden Wedding at the Vienna with all our family. We had a delightful evening. The food was wonderful, service very very good and the wine out of the world. We will go again, and again and again. Thank you all at the Vienna..

Rob Ardley

This is truly a great restaurant. The food is wonderful and the service is exceptional.I recommend this fantastic restaurant to anyone who likes to dine out. I even chose the Vienna as the place to hold my small wedding reception this summer and I must say that the whole experience was superb.


My family and I recently celebrated my son's birthday at the Vienna - We found the service appalling. We went to the upstairs bar for drinks and the staff were rude and indifferent. The food was mediocre and we found it very expensive - as we have just moved into Farnham - would not go there again or even recommend the place.

Miss Clarke

Loved the Food! Great Service!! Great Time had by all!! Will Def be going back as much as I can!!

L Golder

I've been dining at this restaurant for years, and whilst I miss Raymond dearly since it changed hands I still love it. I've never had a bad experience in the 20+ times I've been, and very much looking to going again for lunch tomorrow!


I have eaten at the Vienna many of times and the food has always been lovely and the service has been great too. Keep it up Guys will be in to see you soon.


I love fish and at its best, the food is excellent. It is just a pity that the service cannot match it as it seems to be pot luck whether you get good service or practically none at all. There are times when you wonder if the staff have packed up and gone home. As far as the cost is concerned - the menu is posted outside and if you do not like the prices there are plenty of alternatives in Farnham.

Frank Fowler

I went over on Friday January 19th and was able to get a table without booking. The meal was excellent and we were served by the daughter of the owner. I would like to have eaten next Friday 26th and have tried six times over two days to telephone for a booking but they just do not answer the phone. This is how to loose custom - there are other places to eat in Farnham!

Abigail H Daykin

We went there again just before Christmas for my Birthday and had a wonderful meal, good quality food, pleasant service and warm atmoshere. We were a party of 2 in a full restaurant but did not feel our service was compromised. Only comment would be that the sweet trolley is positioned near ther door and counter where inevitably people are passing all the time and this could put people off having a sweet. We are booking again for our wedding anniversary in February.


I must say I went there about 2 weeks ago and the service from all staff was fantastic and the food was great I would recommend this restaurant to anyone! i will certanily will be going back there again soon! thank you for the great service.


What has happened in this restaurant?....after dining in the past I have to say I found my recent visit extremely dissappointing. Gone is the exciting menu and food with real honest flavours ..... not to mention the staff changes ... I think they should take a leaf out of Jamie Olivers book and eat a little healthier themselves as an advertisement.... what a shame.

S. Childs

Great to see the old menu being revived. Pancake fish starter to die for. Great service - always there when needed and not overbearing when not. London resturant standards in Farnham a very big asset to anyone living of visiting the area. Highly recommended.

Mark Lloyd

I have to say that I agree with many of the comments here. I have been to the restaurant 3 times over the past 4 months - twice on a Saturday for an evening meal and once during the week for a business lunch. The mid-week lunch was was a total contrast to my 2 previous visits. Not only were the staff polite and attentive, the food was excellent - however, I could not say this for the two previous visits, which were incredibly poor - the food was not very good and the service was appalling. The moral - do not go there on a Saturday evening as they just can't cope with the numbers.


Seems to me that this restaurant could have something really special. Somehow they just don't appear to be able to get it together. Perhaps Gordon Ramsey should 'pop in', as they obviously don't listen to their customers feed back!


I have have eaten there several times typically a booking 4 0r 6 but today was a total disaster. Arrive at 1.40pm ordered some pre-drinks in the wine bar which was empty. Placed our order for food, the order was taken by the waiter and then he returned a few minutes later we were told the kitchen shut at 2.00pm. Not a problem if we had been asked if we wanted to order prior to 2.00pm. The situation gets worse as unfortunately on leaving we mentioned to the manager downstairs what had occurred. Politely suggested that here was a training issue with staff. The response was unbelieveable. Indeed the manager on duty rather than accept there was an issue walked away. Okay their right but now my right is to let people know that this is the level of service offered in the Vienna.

John O

I thought the food was fantastic and worth every penny. Suzie enjoyed it as well.


I visited this restaurant on 5/11/2005, it was very nice and the service was good, however when we ordered a bottle of CRISTAL CHAMPAGNE @ £160:00 per bottle it was not brought to the table in the bottle, i would expect at that price for it to be opened up in front of me.!! The food was good but very expensive.


I agree, the food is very nice but it is very expensive. Also, this is the first restaurant where the menu is not itemised so we had no way of knowing whether the side dish of vegetables and a coffee that never arrived were charged for.

Hayley Jackson

From reading the below i felt i should add my comment. The food at the restaurant is excellant and the staff make you feel very welcome and do not rush you through your meal. The food is worth every penny! One of the best restaurants in Farnham.


The first time I visited this restaurant, I really enjoyed the food/service/surroundings. Unfortunately the second visit wasn't so impressive. I thought the meal was acceptible, but certainly not up to the standard one would expect to enjoy when priced at this level. And yes, who is the rude waitress...Must be something to do with the owner, otherwise there is no way she'd still be there! Until this restaurant is consistently good (in all aspects), Farnham still awaits a truly decent place to dine out.

Mrs Nichols

A really enjoyable meal. Great seafood and a nice intimate atmosphere.

Mrs M

on reading the comments about the rude service received from a waitress at the Vienna I wonder if this is the same waitress who served our group of seven on Thursday 16th December 2004? She was dreadfully rude to our party. A pity because the male waiters were superb and the majority of the food was excellent. Why is the person working for such a good restaurant?

Kevin Halstead

I was taken to this restaurant for a birthday treat. What a treat it was, from the time we arrived to the time we left the staff service was impeccable, food quality simply superb and ambience made for a perfect treat. I shall be definately returning.

Mrs D.Tagoo

I live in London and visited this restaurant following a recommendation from a friend. I found the service, food and wine selection to be as good as anything in London. The wine bar upstairs made for a great finish to the superb experience for me and my friends. Thanks to all concerned.

M Norris

I like the wine bar...I took my friend Iva Gooch, an agent for Michelin, who enjoyed the atmosphere and dining experience very much.

Mrs Breeks

This restaurant never ceases to amaze me in its wonderful menu, superb service and extensive wine list. To those people below having written those comments, may I suggest that they do get out more and look beyond the noses on their faces! What a great evening and fantastic value for money. The chef indeed has done a brilliant job. ENJOY!!

A. Alexander

I am amazed at the comments made by Mrs E . To return to any restaurant after a so called bad experience doesn't sound very sensible. I have been to the Vienna many times and every time I have found the food, staff and value to be beyond reproach. Having been to some of the best restaurants in London, I have to say that the Vienna would stand amongst them. Anyone who wishes to eat at this restaurant and are not sure, I suggest that they visit the new Wine Bar (Upstairs at The Vienna) above and read the customer comment book. Perhaps Mrs E should try somewhere else.


Took a party of 6 to this restaurant following a recommendation from a friend. We were not disappointed. Food to match any restaurant in London and a fabulous wine selection. Excellent value. Special thanks to the manageress and staff who made this such a great night. The service was superb. Will definitely come again.

Mrs Conn

Having recently visited this restaurant and just read Mrs Marcomini's comments I am amazed... This restaurant offers City quality meals (perhaps even better!!), with the service and prices to match... Some people really need to get out more.. Well done Vienna and thank you for a very special night out.

Shelley Murray

We had a fabulous time at the Vienna on Saturday, 10th May. This restaurant offers a style of service which is attentive yet unobtrusive. The food was superb and beautfully presented. Thanks to all the Vienna for a most enjoyable evening!

Mrs E

Having eaten at the Vienna on a couple of occasions, each time we have come away disappointed. The food is acceptable, the service is terrible (especially the waitress in charge - who hasn't heard of "the customer is always right") and the bill exorbitant. That was definately the last time we shall bother.

Ms Marcomini

The restaurant today was shockingly disappointing.Very poor service, a very rude manager and a ridiculous bill certainly not worth it.I would never recommend this restaurant. A total rip off and shocking service!

Peter Coltart

Although not inexpensive, you will not be disappointed with the food, ambience or service in this excellent town centre restaurant. Seafood is their forte and the staff are friendly, helpful but not oppressively attentive. A wide ranging menu combined with a verbally stylish specials oratory made this a very pleasant choice for a special occasion, the more so in comparison to the chain Italian around the corner.