Warehouse Cafe

54 Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5TH
Vegetarian Restaurant
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20 reviews of Warehouse Cafe


Went a week Tuesday ago. I go about one every two months. Last Tuesday they had an offer on meaning getting a two course for a cosey price. I went for a main nut roast with roast veg, which was rather pricey but worth it, althouh you can't beat a good dirty vegan burger and chips. The wait for the meal was a bit annoying. I like how all the seats are different, it's the only place I've ever seen that happen, as every other place cares to much about matching. I think the lighting is good with impressive art work on display. I think it's a great place, with great options, especially their home made sundae, but could be seen as pricey to have the name 'cafe'..Also, I think they should probably make sure they ask you with things like soya cream or normal cream with icecream, or milk choice... instead of you telling them. I am vegan, and I was very close to ramming a bit of dairy in my mouth. Anyway, nice opening times. Handy. Out of centre so quieter.


Had wonderful meal there last week. Scumtious lentil sausages and mash and lusciuos banana desert. And brilliantly served by Beth!!


Since the Warehouse has been taken over by its present owner/manager it is once again a great place to eat! and yes its great to see Beth back and some lovely new staff too.


Been quite a few times, always enjoyed the food - gets better each time. Does depend on the waitress sometimes on how fast you get your food/drinks/cutlery. Food is worth waiting for.

Karen & Michael

Had lunch here today - oasis of calm in a Birmingham frantic with Christmas shoppers. Lovely food, lovely atmosphere, and very friendly waitress. Nice to be able to take our own wine too.....


Like Peter Morris, I am also a vegetarian (except for fish and chicken, and sometimes beef and pork) and have been a non-smoker (except for cigarettes) for a few years. I was sad to find that the warehouse only serves vegetarian food without fish and is also a completely non-smoking environment. however the food was brilliant. I would prefer larger portion sizes though because I was still hungry when I left.

Andy Pryke

Sunday 12th November 2006 The Warehouse Cafe is now "Open All Hours" - 7 day a week for lunch / afternoon and every evening except Sunday. It's literally 5 minutes walk from Selfridges (under the railway arches and turn right), and now it's open more days I think I'll be eating there much more often. We shared starters of whole bulb of roast garlic with cream cheese, various pates and some falafel, accompanied by bread. For main I had a hazelnut and mushroom nut roast with an apricot stuffing, accompanied by roast veg. It was all very very tasty! Plus, it's bring your own, so we had a very nice bottle of red, which would have cost a fortune anywhere else. For sweet, we shared an extremely chocolately chocolate and rasbery torte-thingie, with coffees. Total cost for 3 starters, 4 mains plus 1 desert and coffee - about 12 quid a head! If you're reading some of the other people's reviews below, it's worth noting that it changed hands about a year ago and the food is now superb plus the service has improved. Fri 24th March 2006 ate at the Warehouse Cafe, from their evening specials menu this time. As a starter I had very nice slow roasted garlic with cream cheese (vegan or cow) as a starter - hmmmm. You get the whole bulb, about a dozen cloves, with the top sliced off and slowly roasted until the flesh is soft and light brown and delicious. Followed up with Gado Gado, an indonesian salad of bean sprouts, red pepper, white radish and carrot strips, with spicy peanut sauce and crispy fried tofu. Loved that sauce! I mangaged to squeeze in a sweet of gooey but tasty pear and apply tart thingie, while my companions tucked into an ice cream bombe with cherries and a rich dark chocolate sauce. Sat 17th September 2005 ate at the Warehouse Cafe for the 1st time since it changed ownership. Had a very tasty feta and spinach pie with a hint of taragon accompanied by carefully balanced salads, each with it's own distinctive flavour including a light but flavoursome rice salad with a hint of sesame, thinly sliced red cabbage with orange juice. I'm certainly going back again.


I've been to the Warehouse Cafe recently and it's much improved - plenty of choice, decent portions, great atmosphere and great freshly made, home cooked desserts. Try it again - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


It's 'all change' again at the Warehouse Cafe, and if you've ever been disappointed on a visit, I heartily recommend that you go back and give Mirabel a chance to impress you! Last night was the World Vegan Day celebration, and the food was an awesome party in my tastebuds. For me, highlights included the exotic fruit and red onion salad starter, the jerk tofu main course, the home-made lemon sorbet and the pineapple fritters with lemon drizzle.


I went there about 6 weeks ago after having it recommended to me. I decided that I was going to treat my boyfriend who is a vegetarian and I would take him to a vegeterian restaurant. When we got there there was only 1 table set in the corner, which didn't really inspire me. Anyway, the chappy came over to give us the menu and we were told that there were 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 deserts (good job there were only 2 of us there). The food was warmed up in a microwave, but it was nice enough I suppose. After about 1 hour of us being there the "chef" arrived!!! The meal cost £15 each which I didn't think was worth that much, I would have been happier going to the supermarket and spending £30 on some ingredients and making something special for us both - in fact, next time, I think I will! I can promise, that I will never be surprising my boyfriend again by taking him there. Sorely disappointed, will never recommend this place to anyone.


First time there for a while last night. One word? Awful. It was a special meal for family and when we booked we were not told it was a set menu. If we had we wouldn't have bothered. All my previous visits were excellent but this was just a laugh. The menu lacked any choice, the food was too long in the waiting and they even messed our tables numbers up. The waiter literally told us to "go and sit somewhere over there"! Incredible. I left feeling hungry as did the others. Won't be going back.

Pete and Lyn

We have been a few times. Only once since the new guy became the chef. The food before was absolutely delicious. We were initially disappointed to see someone new, but then were pleased to find that he also cooks delicious food. We think the place is great!

Peter Morris

I hope no one is being negative about this cafe. I've been a veggie for a few years (except for fish). Before being a veggie I believed that veggie food was bland and boring, I now know differently. Beging a veggie I believed that vegan food would be bland and boring. I am still a veggie, but now I know differently again. My wife and I decided to pop along more out of curiousity, expecting an average(ish) meal. I must confess however that it was one of the nicest meals I have ever had (meat, veggie, or vegan). I even told the staff upon leaving (which I have *never* done anywhere before). We've been back a couple of times since. Today is my birthday. No work for me today, off for a special treat. Guess where I have decided I want to go :-)


I think Gill was a little unfair in her comments. If she had read all the entries, she would have seen that the comments made by Alan (the new chef) were in response to a previous posting - I think he was simply trying to answer the critics, as it is his job to do - you can't really expect any less... I too have enjoyed many meals at the Warehouse Café, under Molly's ownership and now under Malcolm's. Although there were a few problems during the takeover (which is to be expected), it is fair to say that the food has now improved, the cafe has a new look and it is now a great place to eat again. Gill (and others) will also be pleased to note that I was served by our favourite waitress, Beth, who has made a welcome return. I miss Molly too, but I think the Warehouse Cafe is still the best place for Vegetarian food in Birmingham, and even better, it now appears to be more focused on locally-produced and organic food. This tells me that they're trying - the least I, and Gill, can do is the same...


As for big-headed Alan Thompson, I have been a regular at the Warehouse for 7 years and under Molly's ownership enjoyed many superb, not at all bland, meals with no complaints whatsoever. we have visited once since the great and rude Alan T took over. We were served cold food by a surly girl and very slowly. The best bit of all was the man who was also serving tables who came up the stairs into the restaurant blowing his nose, put his hankie into his pocket and then started handing out cutlery without washing his hands. We are extremely sorry to see Molly go (not to mention Beth, the best waitress they ever had). We are prepared to give the 'new' Warehouse another try before dismissing it completely but I dont think it will ever be the same again.

Alan Thomson

I took over the kitchen here in feb 2004 and have changed the menu i now serve a very wide range of freshly cooked organic dishes for veg and vegan please come along and taste my culinary delights !!!!!! mmmmmm gone are the days of small portions ans bland pasta dishes.

Rachel Moule

We have been eating here for years it is fantastic and well worth the stroll from the main drag. For the price of a MacDonald's meal you get top quality lunch- no comparison!


Stunning vegetarian and vegan food, which is hard to come by for us veggies! plenty of choice, not too pricey, beautiful flavours. And delicious vegan chocolate cake!!! I'm a regular and always will be.

Anon Moseley

main course bland
main course served buffet-style, not enough of it
sweet course synthetic
coffee lukewarm

cafe itself quite nice inside, pleasant atmosphere.

Ate there for the first time yesterday, will never go there again.


I am always a great fan of any organic restaurant. I am a meat eater, and would have prefered this place to sell organic meat dishes, but the vegetarian food they serve up is still delicious. And not too pricey.I'm trying to remember, but I believe you could probably have a decent meal, drinks, desert etc for about £15. Highly recommended.