Zorba Greek Kebab Taverna

35-36 Leinster Terrace, London, W2 3ET
020 7262 5358
Greek Restaurant
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10 reviews of Zorba Greek Kebab Taverna


This place is pretty average, although the staff were exceptionally friendly and an American in our party declaimed their fillet steak the best he'd had in London.


I would like to tell that this is the worst restaurant I've ever been in my life. I was a visitor in london and its really sad when you receive this kind of experience. The Owner is a very shrewd person and is out on the street to invite you in. Once inside they take their own time in serving you.. I was told that it's Greek food, but didn't match with any of the Greek food I'd experienced earlier. It was utterly disappointing. I didn't ask for a dessert but was served with one. Since I was with my family I didn't want to create a scene there and finally the bill was wrong to make the matter worse. PLEASE AVOID THIS RESTAURANT. It is better to eat a loaf of bread than to have anything from Zorba...


It's not good at all. Please avoid it! The restaurant's manager is on the street to invite the customers coming inside (I think it is not polite). Anyway, the table service is very slow (I waited at least one hour for eating). The food is nothing special and the price is very very high. PLEASE AVOID IT!


Orrible experience... bad food, dirty restaurant and toilets, too expensive! Don't go there... never!


We were some of the unsuspecting tourists who fell for the Taverna. The food was partly burnt and the small portions were very expensive. And for the last the pita served at the beginning from the chef was billed, although not ordered.Where was the advertised charcoal grill?If you ever visit this restaurant, NEVER go down to the toilets!


Simply dreadful. I've lived round the corner for 15 years. Tried it when I first arrived and it was appalling. Greasy cold food and offhand service. Went again recently as everyone deserves a second chance and it seemed to have gone downhill! It only survives due to the permanent flow of unsuspecting tourists staying in the area. Go to Halepi a few doors away - a cracking Greek Restaurant with delicious food and great atmosphere.

P & S

We visited back in November 2000; we realize things can change in five years but this place was great! Nothing fancy but the food was wonderful and the staff was exceptionally friendly :-) They knew we were on our honeymoon and took extra care of us, giving us the quaint corner table next to the window. Can't wait to go back to London, we'll definitely go back to Zorba's!


Enjoyed a decicious meal at Zorba's in May, 2005. Had hummus, spanokopita, kebabs, taramasalata, moussaka, scampi, and baklava. Everything yummy! We frequently eat at Greek Restaurants and church fairs so feel qualified to judge this meal. Would gladly return! Taverna is not posh but in keeping with neighborhood!


We also were in December in this tavern, and it was as horrible as angelo discribed it on the lower intro.


We just had the chance to experience for the first time in our life the worst service ever possible in a restaurant. This unprofessional people mistreat customers and still their money. Food additionally is terrible and the place is really a dump, dirty (look at the basement), a totally bad and expensive place. This was the only disappointment we had in our last trip to London.